The Inner Map Of Treasure…

If like me you grew up as a teenager in the 1980’s with movies such as the Goonies, Treasure Island and others or even if you’re from a more modern era with the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean you will be aware of the thieves of the high seas, the Pirates.

The search for treasure marked on the famous treasure map the finder of which would be guaranteed the accumulation of riches.  The parrot on their shoulder, the eye patch covering one eye and the wooden ship showing the flag of death, the skull and crossbones.

The skull and cross bones are a symbol of death, or at least this is the most understood meaning of this symbol but what if that death was the death of the ‘Old Testament’ that marked the birth of a ‘New  Testament’?

And by testament I refer to its actual meaning of body and mind!  So what if this whole creation of the pirate and their symbols was actually telling us something deeper, so deep in fact that we cannot see it because it is referring to the most neglected aspect of life, which is ourselves?

The skull and crossbones are also associated with secret societies and by virtue of this fact it has a hidden meaning.

I have over the last several years, but more concentrated over the past 12 months, delved deep into the world of the esoteric, particularly ancient cultures.  I have found that they all portrayed a message and that message was one of self-enlightenment, reached by the magic of their monuments which show us how they did it.

It was an advanced knowledge that has stood the test of time.

So with this in mind I can see a clear connection in the whole pirate philosophy and here’s how.

For the religious people out there especially Christians, their Christ was crucified in Golgotha, the place of skulls and there’s the first clue.  The skull, or head, is where the Christ consciousness exists.

I have explained in my books that the Christ, or more to the point the Christ seed, is crucified on the cross which is the Optic Chiasm (known as the crossing) inside the brain, where ‘X’ marks the spot and of course ‘X’ also marks the spot on a Treasure map.

Crucified also means to subdue one’s appetite which leads us into the realm of sexual sublimation and celibacy.  So there we have the skull and crossbones, the symbol of Osiris in Egypt and the pathway to Christ consciousness within the mind which is the hidden meaning of this symbol.  The covering of one is symbolic of either the eye of Horus or Isis (Right eye is Horus, Left eye is Isis) and the eye patch holds relevance to this.

Spiritually, in animal symbology, the Parrot represents the immense power of our inner mind, which again is connected to consciousness, thought being the prerequisite to manifestation and conscious connection to the higher realms.

So what about the hidden treasure?

Treasure most prominently, is Gold and Gold is connected to enlightenment and also the Sun which aids our enlightenment, but we need to find it, we need to dig and retrieve what is within and find the treasure, or in other words, the collection of wisdom held within our skull and its third eye system.

And when we read the Treasure Island story we hear about the ‘Black Spot’.

The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island. In the book, pirates are presented with a black spot.

When we again go back to ancient Egypt they had a Black Dot called the ‘Aten’ which is their representation of the Bindi in Hinduism and it locates the Pineal gland, a part of our inner consciousness, the third eye.

So there’s my take on the whole scenario of pirates, they are of course real, but when we look into the world of symbology a different language is often being spoken.

Best regards




The Show Of Hands…

I sit at my desk manifesting the abstract concept into pictorial existence in the form of a chronological order.

The slides, the words, the information birthed into a talk, the memory stick is awake and contains the sacred knowledge ready to be passed on to an audience, somewhere and sometime not yet arranged, but eagerly pending to be revealed.

Talk now arranged I board the car, satnav ignited and I’m on my way to a venue to speak to a crowd who would be gathering soon, how many would be unknown for a few hours yet.

The excitement is building the butterflies wish to fly but are caged in my stomach, but their presence as always is felt.

I am at the venue, I found it and made it in good time and it’s almost time to start.

Empty seats awaiting a passenger for the short journey into mystery and I wonder who will be sitting there and what life they have travelled with and brought with them this evening.

The audience arrives and the host gives the welcome and introduction to my talk ‘The Ancient Code’

I start with my background in law enforcement and some stories not usually heard in the public arena which then leads me onto my own paranormal events in detail the reason I am standing there this evening.  I have 17 years of investigative training dealing with evidence and finding a link and I have found many.

Then I decipher the codes of the world’s religions, who and what the characters were and what they are really telling us in a way totally missed by the masses.

I then decipher Stonehenge, the Sumerian scrolls and the King Arthur story and I connect them all by revealing a hidden code, but I’m still building up to the best part, Egypt!

Now  for me my favourite part of the whole talk, the ancient Egyptians and their pyramids, Sphinx and their Gods. What did they know and what are they telling us.


I am now about to reveal all to the audience and I know that they’ll be amazed as I was.

Now the conclusion a mathematical link between the monuments of Earth and planet Mars and the realisation that we are not alone, never have been and still are not!

It has been over 2 hours of each and every life experience as those who attended sat through several hours of information that has been deliberately hidden from us all, until now that is

Thank you all for joining me and if you have any questions I’ll be around for a little while!

The impression made, the knowledge passed down each aisle, acting as a linear line

So if you’d like your audience to hear the same knowledge and information please drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to see you there!


Best regards






Have you ever encountered irrational logic without any reason, a comment that is so contradictory yet the person saying it just cannot see it?

I have encountered lots of them and this article is aimed at one such non-sense that I heard today on social media.  The origin appears to be from a person of the book; that being a follower of religion during a thread that involved shadow people.

Now I have seen many of them in different circumstances so I know that they are real. If you consider that we, as 3 dimensional beings, give off a 2 dimensional shadow is it too far a stretch of the imagination to consider that a being of for example the 4th dimension could give off a 3 dimensional shadow, 3 dimensional meaning height, length and width?

It would appear not but in a world of rented minds that are firmly shut it is usually the unfortunate case. Well in this thread the person claimed that these shadows are the devil and that people have no psychic ability.

So on one hand they are confirming the existence of other worldly entities yet they claim that no one has psychic ability. So just what or who do you think that it is that psychic’s actually see?  It is other worldly entities, is it not?

So now let’s look at the hypocrisy and ludicrous nature of such a comment. In the bible, a book that these people believe in wholeheartedly without question, it is a fact that many ordinary people have been visited by the likes of Angels, for example,

Two angels came to Sodom at the evening and in the morning these angels hastened Lot and his family to escape for their lives and not to look behind.

Hagar was (Sarah’s maid) and she had two encounters with an angel.

In her first encounter, Hagar was by the fountain of water in the wilderness and the Angel of the Lord found her and instructed her to, ‘Return to her mistress and submit herself to her, he told her she was pregnant, what she should name her son, and the type of man he will be.’

Angels of God met Jacob on the way after Laban blessed his daughters, departed and went back to his own place.

When the Egyptians, their chariots and horsemen were pursuing the people of Israel after Pharaoh let them go, The Angel of God went before the Israel’s camp and went behind them with the pillar of cloud.

The Angel of the Lord sat under an oak which was in Ophrah and appeared to Gideon when he was threshing wheat by the winepress.  The angel appeared unto him and said, The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valour.

An Angel appeared to Manoah’s wife, who was barren and foretold her that she will conceive and bear a son and that she should not drink not wine nor strong drink and eat not any unclean thing. Her son shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb to the day of his death.

And not to mention Mother Mary!

There are a multitude of such examples of ordinary people having these encounters that are happily believed by the followers of this particular book, I have concentrated on other worldly beings such as Angels but there are others.  Yet when ordinary people state that they have seen other worldly beings and other worldly things they are the devil, they are occultists (the claimant having no idea what occult actually means) and practitioners of Ouija boards and witchcraft.

I have spoken publically about my views on religion but it goes without saying for these believers that you can’t have one without the other, you can’t claim that ordinary people of the bible had visitations, messages and direction from above yet in the same breath state that no-one else can or does, this is truly ridiculous to say the least.

Some people really do need to get a grip on reality and expand a mind and as the saying goes “The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it’s open”

Best wishes


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Modern America Is Ancient Egypt…

The land of the free and good old AM-ERICA meaning the rule of the eternal Eagle or the eternal Eagles rule.

But how many people realise that modern America is reminiscent of ancient Egypt?

There is a lot of American culture that stems from this great and wondrous land and its influence can forever be seen; if you know where to look!

So here are just a few places and things that evidence this fact.  When the founding fathers signed the declaration of independence it was signed in Philadelphia. This is so called from Philae – Delphos. Philae is where the Temple of Isis (Egyptian Goddess) is situated and Delphos is the womb.

Isis is the Goddess of fertility and motherhood. On the 4th July Sirius ‘A’ also associated with the Goddess Isis, is furthest away from our solar sun in its binary and is therefore out of sight. The founding fathers, being Masons, and worshippers of the Blazing Star (Sirius A) wanted to commemorate this astronomical occurrence into American history hence the date and location the declaration was signed.

The obelisk of Washington DC was erected at the exact same time that Sirius ‘A’ passed over and the obelisk is the symbol of the Egyptian God Osiris and male mast energy (Obelisk = Penis of Osiris).

When we see the White House, of Presidential fame, this was so called as Memphis was the original capital of Egypt and Memphis means ‘White Walls’.

We can also reference the ‘Oval Office’ at this point as the Oval is again associated with the womb (Isis) and also the Pituitary gland within the human third eye system that is also associated with fertility and lactation and again Isis, the Goddess of motherhood, herself.  The dome shaped building of Washington DC and other places around the world also hold this significance.

Sirius A is also known as the ‘Cosmic Egg’ for the same reasons, namely its association with Isis and fertility. The Full Lunar Moon was also believed in Egyptian times to be the cosmic apearance of Isis and therefore the Moon is the main focal point of many global fertility cults.

When we look at the American Dollar we can see a Pyramid and the ‘all seeing eye’ both of Egyptian significance.

All American Presidents, with the exception of one, are related to the Pharaohs of Egypt and are part of the same genetic linear bloodline that also extends into European Royalty.

And now for a light hearted fact about the American way, the Hotdog!  In the Egyptian heat of July and August the community would sacrifice a dog to appease the heat from the Sun believed to be generated by its binary partner Sirius A, these were called ‘Dog Days’

So when we eat a hotdog we are simply reliving the ancient Egyptian ritual of dog sacrifice, I hope that this hasn’t put you off too much!

And it’s not just America that has these ancient connections that flood into modern society, London in the United Kingdom is just as flush with influences from this ancient culture and is packed with Egyptian symbology along with other places of significance around the world too;  but that is for another day.


Best wishes

Michael Feeley




The Death Of A Princess…


Everyone remembers where they were when that dreadful news of 1997 hit our ears, just like every American citizen remembers where they were at the time that President Kennedy was killed.

It is engraved and carved into our memory banks and most likely always will be.  The event has become prominent in the media again in recent days due to the anniversary of the incident. Prince William and Harry talking fondly about their mother and their memories of her that are shared by the nation.

We have now been told that the vehicle she was a passenger in was a death-trap although engineers from Mercedes have always been denied access to the vehicle to inspect it.

That fateful day has a sinister twist that is rarely discussed anywhere and is certainly never mentioned in the scripted mainstream news. Diana herself spoke about the fact that they, they being the Royal family, were going to kill her in a car crash, point 1.

Strangely the CCTV cameras that night were not working, in a major city such as Paris, very unlikely.

Diana’s vehicle came to grief in the tunnel called the ‘Pont de l’Alma’ which means Bridge of the soul. The tunnel stands on an ancient Merovingian sacrificial site to the Moon Goddess Diana!  She died at 22:27 hours GMT, 2+2+2+7 = 13 and her vehicle crashed into the 13th Pillar, 13 being of occult significance.

At the time of her death 3 planets were entering the 4th house of astronomy and the 4th house of astronomy is the end of ‘Terrestrial Existence’.  3 people died in the crash, namely, Dodi Al Fayad, driver Henri Paul and Princess Diana herself after she had been allowed to die after a short while whilst still in the tunnel. The Moon is the primary native ruler of the 4th house of astronomy (Moon = Diana in certain ancient cultures).

Princess Diana was in a relationship with Dodi Al Fayad, a Muslim, and the British Royal family are from the Royal House of David, by their own admission.  The Royal House of David is Judaic and therefore the two are not a compatible mix in the greater picture.  Against French law her body was embalmed but this procedure also covers up evidence of a pregnancy!

Princess Diana was an advocate of banning the likes of landmines which in a world partly controlled by the Military Industrial Complex peace is not good for business. In other words she was making enemies and making waves and creating the wrong global ripples for the establishment.

All evidence considered as foreman of this particular Jury I find the establishment Guilty of Murder!

Best regards

Michael Feeley


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