My New Ebook Out Soon (Free for a limited time only)…’Stonehenge – The Secret of the Monoliths’

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I will soon be releasing a new ebook entitled ‘Stonehenge – The Secret of the Monoliths’ which will be free for a limited time only on Amazon. In fine tradition of my research and work I have now discovered more ancient hidden secrets within the stones of stonehenge that I am now going to share with you.  What were they used for and what was their real purpose?  Find out soon!

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Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley Hits The Road…

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Following the release of my life changing book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’ I am currently in the process of writing a talk around the content of the book itself but with added extra’s.

I will be appearing at the Tamworth library book club on Tuesday 26th September 2017 (10am-12pm) to join their established readers group to discuss various things that may get asked as part of Staffordshire history week.  Little do they know that their region also has deep connections to the Pyramids of Egypt which will come as quite a surprise to many.

If you would like me to talk at your event then I can be contacted via the contact form on my website. It would be a pleasure to meet you there.

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New Video – Michael’s Book Reviews

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Here’s a new video uploaded today with some fantastic reviews for my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’

Read them at the end of the video


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Michael Gets Raving Reviews For His New Book

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Here’s the latest review for my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’

“Fingerprints of the Gods had a big impact on me. Now it seems almost irrelevant compared to your book. That’s your masterpiece. Everything has come together in that book. There are aspects i’m finding hard to deny and i’m really assessing my thoughts. The whole book is an education without a dictation. Wow now that’s how you finish a book.

Thank you for your work and research, absolutely brilliant”  Paul Mamigonian…

Why not get your copy today?

Michael Feeley

Through The Eyes Of A Pharaoh

I wait for Apophis to disappear and give way to the boy Horus as he rises out of the darkness to illuminate the world for another day; the giver of life in which I bask and energise.  Horus has risen and we call it the Horizon!

I am a Pharaoh of Egypt and my title means ‘Great House’ but not a house in literal terms; a house that means the ‘Mind’ I am the ‘Great Mind’ and I hold the secrets to life and existence in my temple, my head, the house of God, the gateway to enlightenment.

I am an initiate of the great temples and I hold the ankh of all knowledge. I have gained rite of passage passed the great Sphinx who guards and protects the great knowledge that only the worthy can reach out and touch.  I have passed its riddle and I have reached the initiations of the Pyramids that teach us much and have been left for thousands of years through much history and now into your time.

A mystery that your greatest minds cannot understand; who have created much speculation and many ideas which are not correct, these monuments of ours hold a much deeper meaning that will help your generation to flourish and transcend like I and my generation have.  Our legacy remains hidden within your governments and society still; even in your time; although it is unseen by the majority who cannot decipher its language.  This is all part of the initiation process which once understood gives you that worthiness to know.

We understand the very essence of our being and we understand the true essence of the soul as it gathers information and lives out the experience called life.

Our monuments possess a deep esoteric lesson that tell you about yourself and when this information is known it will activate many things within you that will elevate you all to better things.

You must first understand yourself before you can understand the message that we have left for you.  Too many people do not know this and do not even comprehend their own potential greatness which cannot lead them to greatness until it is understood.

We do; the ancient Egyptian race; know and we practice and we travel beyond our realm to others that travel to ours.

Will the message that we have left you in our Pyramids and Sphinx and our Gods ever be truly understood? And if such a person exists who can decipher it and bring it to the people of your time embrace the knowledge that he shares with you because he has been chosen to do so!

A messenger will find him and a message will be delivered to that person to activate the knowledge within them so that they may pass it on to you.

In the year 2010 the message found its target.  “Michael; regarding your trip to Egypt. You must see passed the tourism, you must learn about her, understand her and then teach about her. A messenger will be there waiting for you” – (Message given to Michael Feeley a week before his trip to Egypt from a UK Medium who emailed him out of the blue, he did not know her).

7 years after that message was given to me it now finally means something and I now understand what it means. I have spent many years putting together a knowledge base that has on many occasions been given to me from elsewhere. I have been entrusted with sacred ancient knowledge that could change the lives of many and that knowledge has come directly from the advanced minds of Pharaonic Egypt and I now bring you its secrets!

I now invite you to learn about her and understand her as I have!

My new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’ is available now. Use the key to your own enlightenment by using the Egyptian principle of ‘Soul Science’.

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Michael Feeley




The Day Had Finally Arrived…

After many years of trying, many years of application forms and hope the day had arrived to commence my 18 weeks of residential police training.  I woke up with an excited anticipation but yet it was masked with a dull sadness as I was to leave my family home and town of origin for the first time in my life. If I had my own two feet now was the time I needed to stand on them.

I said my goodbyes and boarded the train for the journey into a new life, forever aware that the old life was attempting to magnetically cling onto me, but my new life was one that I had dreamt of for a long time.  Would it live up to my expectations or would it fail miserably. Have I made a mistake or was it a good choice? Only time would tell.

I arrived at my destination, the training college and was allocated into a class and I met up with my tutors and classmates who would be an extension of me for the next 18 weeks of gruelling exams, morning uniform inspections, tested scenarios and continuous tests to assess our general ability for the role. A high failure rate was the norm but I was determined not to be that statistic.

A doctor was permanently onsite for the stress factor and general push and pull on the body as the weeks took their toll. With each week the horizon drew closer, that light at the end of the tunnel came forever nearer to the passing out parade that would see us leave here and venture onto the mean streets to start our careers.

18 exams later, 18 weeks of shouting and screaming at the hands of the ex-army drill instructors and 18 weeks of torrential tests had now come to a delightful end.  The day had now arrived just as fast as our family had arrived to witness their loved ones parade for the last time on this famous and hallowed training ground.

Tears flooded the parade square and army band music set the rhythm; our battle lines were drawn as we stood to attention before the final march and inspection.  A rigorous regime likened to the military by those who had left it to come here.

The sound of marching feet took centre stage as the formation gathered in synchronicity like the crashing of the ocean’s waves upon rocks of the shoreline.

Memories formed and life time associates made, we all wished each other well as we left the training centre which had been our home for over 4 months for the last time. The child had become the adult and the apprentice had become the fledged.

It was Christmas and I went home for 2 weeks leave going back to my old life for a short time but I was a different person, I now had my career and my dream had been fulfilled.

If I had had retrospect in a bottle then things may have been different from the onset, I may never have joined had I have known that I would be leaving in 2009. I had never anticipated leaving; I was going to be there forever and a day.

But sometimes life has different plans; life directs you to where you need to be at that time often for a greater purpose than we can possibly know at the time.  Sometimes we find ourselves unknowingly stepping from each stepping stone venturing in a direction we cannot immediately see.  That is what happened to me.

The lesson that it taught me and the experience that it gave me has now come into fruition with my new path.

Over the coming weeks I will detail many things like some of the incidents I dealt with and will give you a look on the inside of the force.

Until then!

Best wishes
Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley – The Author

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer of 17 years’ experience. He uses that investigative training to decipher and reveal the great and ancient mysteries of our time that have until now been deliberately concealed from us all.

He is the author of 5 books and several Ebooks on various subjects that he has personally experienced or researched from the paranormal to the true identity of Christ and the real purpose and message left for us within the Pyramids of Egypt. His passion is to unveil the secrets that are concealing our rightful inheritance, namely knowledge! Michael is also a descendant of ancient Irish Celtic Kings.

Michael is able to receive information from the ether and other dimensions such as the ‘Akashic Records’ which can be equated to the universe’s super-computer system. It is this system that acts as the central storehouse of all information for every individual who has ever lived upon the earth.

Michael is then able to bring it back to our reality in a simplistic way that is easily understandable. He is able to defrag knowledge that has been scattered into multiple locations so that it cannot be found and he is able to decipher it and place it into one central place so that others may see the whole picture that has been pieced together.

Join Michael as he reveals many secrets and hidden truths…

The Grand Design

When I was in the police force we had a legal term called ‘Modus Operandi’ which is a method, a trade mark way that dictated how things were committed by the individual or individuals involved. I could arrive at a scene and by the way it had been carried out I could tell who had done it, it was their MO and it was in their nature to do things this way, it was their unique pattern that they didn’t deviate from.

It has been an argument between various sections of humanity for aeons of time about whether there is the presence or a heavenly existence of what we term in human language as ‘God’.

It has caused divisions amongst men and communities and nations, it has caused wars and upheaval, death and segregation. It has caused inequality between the sexes, as the female is seen in many religions as a lesser being by male orientated belief systems.

When you look at these things from the higher view point, which I do, you can see that it is nothing short of ridiculous; it is the material of the small mind of ignorance and often a sign of the undeveloped being that simply cannot see the woods for the trees.

I do not subscribe to any religion or to any of their contrived belief systems but I do understand the trademark of the ‘Modus Operandi’ and I can spot it a light year away when I see it.

And from this experience I can state that all the things in our universe to even ourselves is part of the design of the ‘Same’ designer.  And how can I proclaim this? Because the design takes the repeated form of the same blueprint!

Everything in nature, which not only encompasses Earth’s trees and its systems but is universal, is a smaller version of the larger. It is jam-packed with mathematical code that things grow to without any deviation, a pre-programmed code that can be no coincidence.

We can see that the Fibonacci sequence is prevalent in large galactic spirals and the minute shells of Earth’s insects, to its trees and flowers and even the whole human birth process follows a complex code within a tetrahedron grid called the genesis pattern.

The material world is finite but the metaphysical world is infinite which is given to us by the most complex mathematical code known, the Mandelbrot set, which again adheres to a complex set of mathematical code (ZN) and will infinitely duplicate itself as an infinite fractal.

In science; between 1989-1993; a satellite was sent to the far reaches of the universe and this was called the COBE experiment which stands for ‘Cosmic Background Explorer’. This proved the ‘Big Bang’ theory which is scientifically known as the ‘One Time Beginning’.

In other words everything was formed at the same time in a momentous explosion of cosmic energy, the nodes of standing waves placed the stars and planets at certain locations and light was placed into designated places.

I am of the opinion that this one time beginning is the result of an abstract concept and that we are, as well as the universe and multiverse are and so on, a creation of thought! We are the physical result of a concept that came into being by the manifestation of a thought.  And as we are the microcosm of the macrocosm when we have a thought; that too can become a manifestation in physical terms.

I now look at things through different eyes and through different thought patterns. This design is grander than most minds will ever comprehend or even care to comprehend. We are all part of a galactic community stemming from the same base and foundation and that gives us a common purpose. This in itself should make us stop and think and cease the divisions caused by the indoctrinated belief that we are all different when we are clearly NOT!

Best wishes

Michael Feeley

The UK General Election Sham…The Illegal Coalition…

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Here’s a new video covering the illegal coalition between the Consevative Party and the DUP of Ireland. It is now been stated that the statement was an error however it cannot be an error if the Prime Minister holds a press conference outside number 10 Downing Street reading a statement prepared for her.

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Michael Feeley