UK TV’s Time Team Presenter Has Michael’s New Book!

NEWS: Tony Robinson from UK TV’s Programme ‘Time Team’ is now in possession of a copy of my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’.

The book takes you through a journey of our true spiritual selves from ancient Egypt to Stonehenge, the Bible and other ancient cultures and decipher’s a code that has been missed for milleniums, UNTIL NOW!

I hope that he likes it



Despite mainstream claims regarding the meaning of Religious icons and images, they have a much deeper secret/meaning and message!

The iconic image of Jesus on the cross with the letters INRI above him is one such example of many!

So what does it really mean?

INRI in Latin is the four elements,


This is telling us that in order to transcend to our own Christ Consciousness we need to first create an equilbrium with the balancing of the four primal elements of human life on Earth.

The image of Christ (and the 5 wounds) are symbolic of the fifth element, the ether, which takes us from the Tetragrammation to the Pentragrammation and beyond the four elements of the physical third dimensional realm!

We must all master the lower realms in order to transcend back to the etheric forces…

We are currently living in the lower regions of our own ‘Transverse Plane’ as the body is seperated by sacred Geometry into horizontal angles

The symbol for this is called Sine and its abbreviation is Sin…We are all living in Sin! (Lower chakras – The kingdom of Earth)…GOD = Geometry of Divinity’…

The scriptures are hiding a much deeper essence and truth, they are hiding our true self by codes!

To find out many more of these secrets please go to my website:

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Return Of The Djedhi…

The Djedhi, the Serpent Priests (Serpent representing Wisdom) and initiates of the ancient mystery schools of Egypt were the protectors of the Temple of Osiris, indicated by the Djed (spine of Osiris symbolising strength)…

They later became the Druids of the British Isles, Druid meaning ‘Oak Knowledge’ (Tree knowledge)…

But what is this really telling us?

The Djed is the spine (Jacobs Ladder) and at the top of the spine is the head, the Temple, which means ‘House of God’ and house means Mind!

Osiris is really the Pineal Gland of the third eye system, which I detail comprehensively in my book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’

So in other words the Djedhi (Jedi for you StarWars fans) were the protectors of the sacred knowledge of consciousness which they brought to Britain from Egypt…which also has deep Stonehenge connotations!

I have broken many ancient and hidden codes!

Egyptian Symbology In Company Logo’s…

Ancient Egypt and its hidden symbols are pinnacle in modern day society, epsecially in the UK and USA.

The British Parliament, the British flags, the Union Jack and the Flag of St George, the river Thames to the American White House, Declaration of Independence, Oval Office, Washington DC Obelisks,US Currency and even the good old ‘Hotdog’ all stem from Egypt!

But Egypt is also hidden within many company logo’s such as ‘Mini’, there are of course a multitude of others I could have chosen.

The Mini logo is hiding a secret about our inner consciousness, as are the likes of Stonehenge, the Bible and the Pyramids of Egypt themselves.

So let’s analyse the hidden meaning of this particular logo. The wings are the 2 lateral hemipsheres of the ‘Cerebellum’ within the human Brain and Cerebellum means ‘Little Brain’ (Little = Mini).

The Black circle at the centre is the Aten, which is the Egyptian version of the Hindu ‘Bindi’ which marks the position of the Third eye (Pineal Gland) upon a forehead!

Ancient cultures were telling us of our ‘Inner Sun’ the ‘Amun Ra’ which is our consciousness awakening and transition from this world to the next.

It is a coded message left for us to decipher and then transcend to greater heights as a race of beings!

I have found that code and I have joined many dots…I have been given the secrets and I have learned the language of the ancients…

Michael Feeley & Whitley Strieber Talk…

Hi everyone

In the week my Radio show with Whitley Streiber, the subject of the 1980’s hit book and film ‘Communion’ was broadcast and is receiving great reviews, here’s some of them:

“This is really very interesting. My brother will love this book… as it addresses many questions and ideas he has had. Thank you”

“Great interpretation of religious texts copied from the mystery school symbolism without knowledge of the inner meaning. The scholars who copied older texts for the Bible were not initiates of the mystery schools and had no idea of the symbolic meanings they borrowed from older traditions. I interpret the oldest pyramid complex in North America at Teotihuacan as a diagram of the brain (body), life soul and immortal soul confluence in the human species”

“I was captivated from start to finish”

“Wow! Extremely interesting”!

“This show was breathtaking. My mind has been reeling with clarity since Saturday morning when I tuned in while taking breakfast”

“As a fellow Brit I enjoyed Michael’s descriptions of the opening of the veil. I’ll listen to this show several times and absorb every drop of insight. Peace”

“Whitley, every once in a while you get a guest who not only has interesting things to say, but has a way of also putting some of us in an altered state, in a good way…Please have Michael on again! Thanks”!

Here’s the whole show


Thank you

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The Canopic Jars

In Egypt the physical life was a preparation for the afterlife. At death some of their internal organs were placed into 4 canopic jars which were the four sons of Horus and the 4 cardinal compass points.

But canopic comes from Canopus which to Egyptians was their South Pole Star which works with Sirius ‘A’ (Isis) sending star transmissions to Earth aiding human consciousness.

As I have stated in my book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’ consciousness was pinnacle in Egyptian society amongst the higher classes, the Pharoahs and Priests and the initiates of the Mystery schools of hidden knowledge

I reveal many secrets in this book and provide a version of history that not many people are revealing, because they don’t know the information I am deciphering…

Why not learn the hidden secrets for yourself?

The Lord’s Supper (The Last Supper) – The Esoteric Meaning!

The Lord’s Supper (The Last Supper) the Esoteric meaning!

Jesus (The Christ Seed/male sperm) born in Bethlehem (Solar Plexus, Bethlehem meaning House of Bread) rises with Kundalini energy towards the mind, the Mensa (which means both Mind and Table).

Jesus sits at the table (mind) with the 12 Disciples (12 Cranial nerves of the Brain) for the Lord’s supper (Lord means Bread Giver)

Therefore the Lord’s Supper (supper meaning Soup, which means to enhance the performance/power of) is speaking of the enhancing of the Kundalini energy’s power, often done by chants (Egyptian Hallel), the hymn sang by Jesus at the last supper, before the Cruxification on the Optic Chaism (The cross, within the Brain) the result of sexual sublimation, the redirection of sexual energy (through celebacy- Cruxification also means to subdue ones appetite)…

After 3 days in the cerebellum (tomb) the Christ seed rises and becomes Christ Consciousness!

He is the Saviour meaning ‘He who sows the seed’…

“Eat My Body, Drink My Blood”

Blood – meaning the spiritual union of mind and matter…the Christ consciousness connecting to the father energy, the ether…”In Remembrance of me” (Death of the old you for a new resurrected consciousness)

The bible, through its characters and stories, is telling us something more!!! IT’S ABOUT OURSELVES!

We are all Jesus…we are all the Christ Conciousness in waiting

Michael Feeley

Michael Feeley Joins Whitley Strieber!

Hi everyone,

I will be recording a Radio interview on Whitley Strieber’s ‘Unknown Country’ show next week and will post any links etc here in the coming weeks.

For those of you who don’t know, Whitley Strieber is the man made famous in the 1980’s by the hit book and film ‘Communion’ so i am really looking forward to discussing my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A message for Humanity’ with him.

Best regards as always

Michael Feeley


The King and I

There is unrest in the country, there is trouble brewing between Royalists and Parliamentarians.  A war is about to begin in England, a war with itself.  But its fingerprint travelled  to 21st century England one night in my home town.

The English Civil Wars (1642-1651) stemmed from conflict between Charles I and Parliament over an Irish insurrection. The first war was settled with Oliver Cromwell’s victory for Parliamentary forces at the 1645 Battle of Naseby. The second phase ended with Charles’ defeat at the Battle of Preston and his subsequent execution in 1649.

Charles’ son, Charles, then formed an army of English and Scottish Royalists, which prompted Cromwell to invade Scotland in 1650. The following year, Cromwell shattered the remaining Royalist forces and ended the “wars of the three kingdoms,” though Charles II eventually ascended to the throne in 1660.

Then long after the event has been written into the history books and the shelves of numerous libraries a remnant appears in the 21st century in front of my eyes.

I live in the ancient capital of Mercia but in modern times, yet time has travelled from the 17th Century England to greet me now!

One evening whilst within a local meeting place I looked up and saw the spirit of King Charles ‘I’ walking out of a room through the door and across the room I was sitting in.

The King just looked straight at me as I looked straight at him, no words spoken between us, just eye contact for that brief moment when time merged.

Charles was wearing a burgandy cavalier suit and a matching burgandy cavalier hat as he simply vanished back into the realms beyond my five senses.

The moment lasted less than a minute but the memory of it will last forever, a brush with English Royalty from days gone by.

Just what must he have been thinking as he saw me sitting there in modern attire looking at him?

Time and reality is far more than we understand or know and has far more facets than we often realise.

This was one evening when the past walked passed!

Best regards

Michael Feeley



Jack The Ripper – The Mason…

In the dark and narrow poverty stricken streets of East London of 1888, during the reign of Queen Victoria, there lurked a madman, a killer with a grotesque modus operandi.  Where fear was overruling safety and women were afraid to venture out fearing they would be next.

History has documented that there were five Ripper victims namely the Canonical victims or the Canonical five, Canonical being sets of coordinates which can be used to describe a physical system at any given point in time,

Mary Ann Nicols

Annie Chapman

Elizabeth Stride

Catherine Eddowes

Mary Jane Kelly


But there is some suggestion, although denied by Ripper researchers, that there could have been at least 13 others.

There has been a multitude of suspects such as,

Prince Albert Victor

James Maybrick

Aaron Kosminski

Lewis Carroll

And about 30 others but in the days of no forensic evidence finding a suspect was difficult and almost impossible under the circumstances.

But whoever Jack the Ripper or Rippers turn out to be one thing is certain, he  was either a Mason or had deep inside knowledge of freemasonry and freemasonic legend.

And here’s how.  At the crime scene of the fourth Ripper victim Catherine Eddowes police found the following words written on a wall “The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing”

Now the press at the time claimed that this was someone illiterate with an anti-Semitic agenda, that statement was either knowingly false or extremely naïve.

What many people don’t know is that the Juwes were men of Masonic legend and were the murderers of the first Mason Hiram Abif who was killed at Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem.  The killers were named Jubala, Jubalo and Jubalum known as the ‘Juwes’ and Juwes was specifically spelt that way, quite specific and not as suggested a misspelling by an illiterate.

So whoever wrote this message at the crime scene has specialist knowledge of the Hiram Abif story, a legend within freemasonry!

I am not going to speculate the identity of Jack the Ripper, although I suspect a Royal connection with the Prince of Wales (Queen Victoria’s and Prince Albert’s son) with the possible assistance of Sir William Gull, the Royal surgeon, but I have no proof, although Royalty, even today, has a deep freemasonic connection.

Therefore I stick to the facts and claim a masonic connection without any doubt.

At some point in the future the true identity will be known with advancements in forensic evidence since we still have some remnants of blood/clothing from the scene itself.

But a fact that is not talked about is the deep masonic knowledge of the killer.

Best wishes

Michael Feeley