The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code (E-Book)


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Christ is the most famous character the world has ever known, worshipped by the global masses who dedicate their everyday lives to his name. But was he ever a real person who walked the Earth over 2000 years ago? Could there be a better explanation as to his existence and could it be much deeper than anyone has ever been taught? Could it be that those at the top of world Religions know this and have used secret knowledge to their own advantage dating back to ancient times when Religion was created by man? The truth has been deliberately concealed from us for many centuries, invisible seeds of truth growing in the gardens of only the initiates and not in the fields of the general population. The evidence in this book will prove that this is the case and suggests that rather than physical people walking the Middle East of Earth Biblical characters and stories are really a cover for a much deeper essence, our true being in a universal and body genetic synergy. Once these secret teachings have been exposed then we become equal by virtue of a knowledge that for far too long has been kept from us by deliberate deceptions. Welcome to these new esoteric insights, a new language of codes previously known only by the selected few. Welcome to the intriguing world of secret codes and hidden deeper meanings; welcome to the secrets of space and the body universe as your true being is revealed to you for the first time in two millenniums …


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