COMING SOON! The Secret Christ (Paperback)

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COMING SOON! What happens when a person who has dedicated 35 years of his life to the church, challanges an esoteric investigator and former UK police officer, who has been referred to as “The Real Da Vinci Code”, to decipher a random selection of biblical scriptures, into their true secret and hidden meaning? This book is the result of that never before achieved challenge.

The Secret Christ follows on from their previous book The Code of Christ – What Religions Should Be Teaching You, which explored the possibility that religious characters never actually existed but are instead simply metaphors for the real kingdom of God, our inner-selves, wrapped in hidden secret codes.

The bible is the most famous and well-read book in the world, revered by millions of people around the globe. Could it be that they have been taught a misrepresentation of the true meanings of this book?

Could it be that “Thou Shall Not Steal” has really been perpetrated on the many followers of Christianity and that they are the real victims by virtue of the true knowledge and wisdom of the bible having been stolen from them by the ancient priests?

When you understand the true meaning of the scriptures, as interpreted in this book, what other conclusion can be reached?

This book is the real book of revelation…


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COMING SOON! The Secret Christ (Paperback)

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2 reviews for COMING SOON! The Secret Christ (Paperback)

  1. Sylvia Farquhar

    Please add my name to your mailing list when this book is published. Thank you.

    • Michael Feeley

      Thank you Sylvia, will do. Kindest regards, Michael…

  2. [email protected]

    Please notify me when this correct understanding is published. Thank you. Rob MacLeod

    • Michael Feeley

      Will do, thank you for asking…

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