Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored 7 paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/international conference speaker and global radio contributor, magazine article writer and frequent social media blogger.

Michael always felt different and even at the young age of 6 he was asking adult questions about a reality that seemed backwards and manipulated. This has continued into his adult life.

Michael is a multiple paranormal/UFO experiencer and has personally witnessed dimensional portals opening up before him emanating unorthodox craft, had numerous UFO sightings day and night, received telepathic invites to attend certain locations and has seen an ET being face to face amongst many other personal close encounters of the third and other kind!

Michael now uses his 17 years of evidence gathering knowledge and investigative training to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world. To Michael they are no longer a mystery.

Through meticulous guided research and innate recognition of ancient symbols and codes, the secret metaphorical world of ecclesiastical and secret brotherhoods has now been deciphered and the face of history can now be changed as Michael demonstrates to you a ciphered code left for us to find within the famous monuments of the ancient world!

What Michael is about to reveal is something very different to what has been stated before, very different to what so called scholars have told us.

What you have previously been told can now be re-written…as the true message of our ancestors can now finally be heard…


"Fingerprints of the Gods had a big impact on me. Now it seems almost irrelevant compared to your book (The Secrets Of The Pyramids). That's your masterpiece. Everything has come together in that book. There are aspects I'm finding hard to deny and i'm really assessing my thoughts. The whole book is an education without a dictation. Wow now that's how you finish a book. Thank you for your work and research, absolutely brilliant"- Paul Mamigonian
“Brilliant Book, My husband’s reading it now”- Kareen Hubbard
“Wow!! What a captivating read, read it cover to cover in one sitting. With passion and purpose Michael brings forth facts and insight to all, weaving together the inner and outer landscapes to Mans Sovereignty. A must read” (The Secrets Of The Pyramids)- Donna Roberts
“Very engrossing from the first word. I've only read a few pages and already I'm hooked and can't wait to finish this book (The Secrets Of The Pyramids). Highly recommend this book to anyone who wishes to know the intimate details of Egyptian advanced knowledge and the meaning of life. Absolutely brilliant! I am a regular viewer of the History Channel and nothing compares to the information provided by the author of this book. A must read”- John Flavell
"Stonehenge, The Secret of the Monoliths, a truly fascinating read. The book manages through it's pages to resolve the many riddles cast by the corrupt and misleading main stream media. The purpose of Stonehenge now makes perfect sense after reading this. The author reveals more, explains more, than any of these well funded ex public school boy; establishment cradled researchers. A great accompaniment to his others books which link into each other beautifully. I find this book most liberating as it has released me from the twaddle put forward by news agencies desperate to keep the hidden knowledge for themselves, and away from the masses. A must read”- Paul Mamigonian
“Once again another absolutely breath taking read (Stonehenge). Although bite sized it answers what many have failed to answer about this stone formation. I have read the authors other book 'The Secrets of the Pyramids - A Message for Humanity' which details the real purpose of the Pyramids of Egypt and that too was amazing. I am perplexed as to why this author is not on the mainstream programs to provide such wonderful knowledge and insight that many are completely missing! This author is a former police officer and the evidence he has provided and managed to reveal obviously comes from an experienced investigator”- John Flavell
“This short ebook had good information regarding ancient cultures, earth and other planetary energy, chakra and kundalini energy. Its essence is that we are all connected to the one source of energy that "breathes" (my word, not the author's) everything into existence, and Stonehenge is but one of many ways to tap into and expand this awareness of unity consciousness. Just the tip of a huge iceberg, but made me want to read other books from this author”- Karen G Clark

Books & Services

45 Minute Skype Call With Michael

45 Minute Skype call consultation with Michael, discussing various topics of interest and importance, picking the brain of the esoteric code breaker himself in a one to one session, as well as answering your questions.

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PRE-ORDER NOW! Alchemy Of The Gods

FOREWORD BY LEADING INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER & RESEARCHER - MARY RODWELL. In this book trained police investigator, Michael Feeley, reveals to you, that humans are not from Earth, but from another constellation entirely! He has also uncovered that the pyramids and other mysterious monoliths around the world carry an encrypted message and that there are higher communications held within the likes of the Nazca lines, crop circles, hieroglyphic language and the Moai heads of Easter Island. Michael makes astonishing revelations about the mystery of the elongated skulls of Stonehenge, Egypt, Russia, Peru and Malta with a new interpretation of their meaning and formation, plus much more. Just who were these ancient Gods, worshipped, idolised and documented by our ancient ancestors? Are they extra-terrestrial beings from other far off worlds... or are they simply the elder race of man paying their root races a return visit, giving them the tools for inner-transformation..? Alchemy of the Gods is a book sent from the stars!

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ORDER NOW! The Code Of Christ – What Religions Should Be Teaching You

If you want to know what the bible really means then you need to read this controversial book! P.A. Hymer is a former member of the Church of 35 years and Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now esoteric researcher with the knowledge base of the initiates of the mystery schools of Egypt and around the world. They have combined together to bring you a knowledge that is rightfully yours but has been kept hidden by the Church for many hundreds of years. Just what does the Church really know about the true identity of Christ and other biblical characters? You are about to find out…

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AVAILABLE NOW! The Anunnaki Of Nibiru And The Snakemen Of Eridu – Are They Real? (Ebook)

Zecharia Sitchen gave the world a translation of the ancient Sumerian scrolls and introduced us to a race of extra-terrestrial beings called the Anunnaki. The whole story has become famous the world over and this version of history is repeated parrot fashion by many members of UFO and Alien forums and social networking groups. According to the story 'Those who from heaven to Earth came' created a slave race from existing Earthly life-forms to mine for Earth's resources, namely Gold. Worryingly the story tells us that they return to Earth on their planet every 3600 years. But what if the story is simply a metaphor like the many ancient stories of the same time? What if the Anunnaki story has a deeper meaning than that portrayed by Sitchen and other academics? Did the Annunaki really travel to Earth on planet Nibiru and tinker with human DNA, or is this story just too far fetched to believe? The author, a trained police investigator who is himself a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer, has a different version of its meaning. A version not previously brought to the table. Is the Anunnaki story a true account of history or can there be another explanation? Why not find out?

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Available from Amazon UK HERE Available from Amazon US HERE

AVAILABLE NOW! The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and expert witness who uses 17 years of evidence gathering and investigative experience to decipher a secret and complex world of coded messages and languages used by the chosen initiates who hold the key that unlocks the door of knowledge. Michael is also a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer and a code breaker of hidden knowledge and encoded secrecy. Michael's new book 'The Ancient Code - A Serpent Fire' not only exposes thousands of years of biblical and ecclesiastical secrecy but it also joins the dots of the advanced knowledge of the ancients, deliberately concealed from us by the priesthoods and secret societies who have successfully managed to hide the truth of ourselves away from us by means of metaphors and allegories masked behind a world of secret codes and symbols. Michael has discovered and deciphered a bible code and other codes that span across the whole of the ancient world that informs the reader as to why such monuments as the likes of Pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge were built and what they truly represent and also reveals the true identity of famous biblical characters such as Christ with many more such examples. Michael demonstrates in this book how the Great Pyramid is really a representation of the anatomy of the human brain marking the position of the endocrine third eye system and that pyramid mathematics are actually numerical consciousness frequencies. Michael takes you into a real life Da Vinci Code mystery and deep into a world of brotherhood encoded messages and initiation languages spoken only by the chosen. Join Michael as he awakens the Serpent Fire within you through the coded gifts left for us by the advanced pathfinders of the human race, providing the tools to a new level of enlightened consciousness by taking you to the very core and deepest essence of Egyptian and ancient advanced knowledge...

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ORDER NOW! The Secrets Of The Pyramids – A Message For Humanity

AVAILABLE NOW!! Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer with 17 years of investigative experience that he has successfully used to reveal and uncover many of the great and ancient mysteries and secrets. He is also a descendent of ancient Irish Celtic Kings. In this book he has now answered the questions that Egyptian scholars and enthusiasts have been asking for many hundreds of years. Just who was Isis, Osiris, Anubis,Thoth and all the other Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and what are they really telling us? What is the hidden meaning of King Tutankhamun’s 'Death Mask' and other similar artefacts? What were the Pyramids and Sphinx really built for and what was their actual purpose?.. How do they relate to the identity of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary & Joseph and even Moses and Noah et al? 'The Secrets of the Pyramids - A Message for Humanity' will reveal to you the answers to these and many other questions that blow away any previous version of history! This book gives you the Egyptian key to your own enlightenment. Unlock Your True Potential…

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Ebook: www.amazon.co.uk

Stonehenge – The Secret of the Monoliths (Ebook)

There exists a circle of stones on the landscape of Wiltshire; UK. Stonehenge, like many other ancient sites such as the Pyramids of Egypt, have a mystical secret. A secret that has been left for us to decipher in order to aid our own progress as Humans. So why was a large circle of stones placed with precision on the rural landscape of Wiltshire in the UK. What intrigues people to visit from all over the globe including American Presidents? Is there a cosmic and intergalactic connection to this monument? As I have done with the Pyramids of Egypt and Sumerian scrolls and the true identities of religious characters I now reveal to you the secret of the stones. Prepare to be amazed at what you are about to read!

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When Murder Travels Through Time (Ebook)

Can an event that happened over 100 years ago haunt you in the present day? Can an event, a hideous crime, travel through time to find you? Yes it can! Read all about it soon, our new ebook "When Murder Travels Through Time" our true story, how it all started for us. A 159 year old murder that two police officers were not only asked to investigate by the victim, but actually relived it!

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Police Encounters Of The Third Kind (Ebook)

A question asked so many times by so many people, does life exist elsewhere in our universe and does it ever visit us here on Earth? For two ex-police officers the answer is a big yes, they have seen their craft in our skies, they have had invites to attend various locations and they have had many close encounters of the third kind. Why have these two people had so many experiences with beings from another world? Why not have a read and find out. This ebook includes actual photographs taken at the time and sketches made of the events, from two expert witnesses and evidence gatherers. Welcome to their unusual world.

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7 Things The Police Don’t Want You To Know (Ebook)

Whistle blowers, often a window into a world rarely seen by those on the outside. A voice that educates others from inside knowledge of a system there to serve but has lost its way in favour of lies, deception, fabrication and most of all the hunt for figures. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a police officer, have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a system that you can no longer tolerate. And have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of law enforcement? You are about to hear over decade of inside experiences in a whistle blowers condensed account that will expose the wrong-doings and the deliberate forging of figures and alike in this tell all expose. Prepare to be both shocked and disappointed as you discover the real truth about the lies.

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The Secret Of Christ – The Christos Code

Paperback Book

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Earth Is An Experiment, Duality Is A Game… And Love Is The Answer

Earth Is An Experiment, reveals the many aspects of the darkness and how it has influenced Humanity for many, many years in an attempt to suppress the information of Love, duality and polarity so as to rule the Human race from the shadows. From alternative Biblical translations, our extraterrestrial origins, the ‘enlightened ones’, to revelations about the poisons in our food & water and much more, this book is a real eye opener…amatic awakening occurred…
Paper book

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Beyond The Illusion – A Time Of Awakening

Beyond The Illusion describes how world events in today’s society are orchestrated to prevent humanity from awakening to the coming Spiritual revolution that is changing the world forever. Once again Michael & Sarah relay their own personal experiences of a fascinating Spiritual and Supernatural nature showing there is much more to life than people realise. Includes amazing photographs and artwork of an ‘other worldly nature’…
Paper book

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Walk Into The Light – Journey Of A Lightworker Duo

Walk Into The Light documents the Spiritual, Supernatural & Paranormal journey of Husband & Wife team Michael & Sarah Feeley. From Ghosts and Poltergeist activity… to Ufo’s and Out of Body Experiences… to Energy, Meditation and much more, this book has got it all! In the early hours of one February morning in 2009 something happened to Michael & Sarah that was to change their lives forever. A terrifying and dramatic awakening occurred… Paper book

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E-Book (£1.99)

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Alchemy Of The Gods

FOREWORD BY LEADING INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER & RESEARCHER – MARY RODWELL. In this book trained police investigator, Michael Feeley, reveals to ...
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Michael Goes To America With An Invite To San Francisco’s Biggest Conference

See me in February 2020 at this conference! SPEAKERS www.michael-feeley.com ...
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Alchemy Of The Gods

FOREWORD BY LEADING INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER & RESEARCHER – MARY RODWELL. In this book trained police investigator, Michael Feeley, reveals to you, that humans are not from Earth, but from another constellation entirely! He has also uncovered that the pyramids and other mysterious monoliths around the world carry an encrypted message and that there are higher …

Media & Appearances

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17/03/19 - Stonehenge Inner Circle Group Tour
09/05/19 - Beyond The Veil - Radio Show With Sheree Geo (8pm - GMT)
18/05/19 - Multi-Dimensional Show - Birmingham (UK)
06/06/19 - The Ancient Code (Talk) - Telford (UK)
02/07/19 - Soul Cafe (Talk) - Birmingham (UK)
03/08/19 - The Ancient Code (Talk) - Conscious Gathering Conference - North Wales (Time TBC)
21/09/19 - Webinar Conference - With Neil Gaur (6pm GMT)


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