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  1. Hello Michael, I am interested in this idea of the ‘seed’ in the solar plexus. You say the seed comes in and resides in the manger in the solar plexus for 2.5 days when the moon is in one’s sun sign. So I was born in March on the 22nd. When do I know when the seed is in my solar plexus? and am I right in thinking the seed is there only once a year i.e. on my birthday because the moon is in my sun sign? Or is moon in my sun sign once a month every month? Please help me clarify my understanding.//Afterwards it travels up to the skull over another time period and it will stay in the skull for 3 days. How do I know when the seed is travelling upwards?//Am I right in understanding that this process is the rising of the ‘kundalini’? Or is this a totally different thing?//As a female and woman is the ‘seed’ different to that of a male?

  2. Hello Michael, How do I measure frequency, my frequency, in the third dimension and then in the fourth, fifth and sixth and seventh dimensions? How do I go to the other frequencies without the use of mind altering drugs or substances? How do I learn to aline myself to meet other intelligences? You spoke of compatible frequencies – do I come to learn the frequency of this dimension and then learn to be aware of a higher frequency – get there and wait and observe gently … would this be the attitude to foster? Jane

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