The Bilderberg Group – Not Just A Boy’s Club

Masonic boys clubs or more?  Many have their own opinions on the influence of these fraternities, some believe they hold many keys to world policy and events and others feel that they have very little sway at all. But the world has a secret side, a secret level of power and only certain people are allowed into this inner circle of brotherhoods, be it politicians, world leaders or even business leaders and Royalty, every year they meet in apparent secret until the location is revealed by various other groups such as the so-called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

But you can ascertain a lot from the meaning of a name.

The Bilderberg Group is the ‘Think Tank’ for world direction/policy at the hands of the most richest and powerful and influential people on the planet. As I have said many times Talmudic Judaism is the Zionist agenda for the world under a world system run from the new global capital Jerusalem (Jerusalem meaning Foundation of Salem and Salem was the Cainite Sun-God).

These powerful Zionist individuals have their discussions at the Bilderberg meetings, so let’s analyse the word Bilderberg!

Bilderberg = Bel who was the Phoenician Sun-God (Phoenicia is the modern day Syria that is being attacked now by western forces, it is also a part of the region known as ‘Greater Israel) and the word Bilderberg combined means God of the Mountain and a mountain can represent a dwelling of a holy being/God.

The God of the Mountain is El-Shaddai who is Yahweh and that mountain is ‘Mount Zion’ in Jerusalem; hence Zionist! The world has been infiltrated by Crypto-Jews who have the Zionist agenda in mind, the promised land of Israel, which they believe to be theirs by God right.

And they won’t stop until it is achieved. So, is it any wonder that your Presidents and Prime Ministers are members of groups called ‘Friends of Israel’? Former UK/British Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron (Labour and Conservative) were and the current British Prime Minister Theresa May is a member of CFI, Conservative Friends of Israel. Even the word British derives from B’rith-ish which means ‘Man of the contract’ and that contract is with Yahweh, the Hebrew God. All have to swear allegiance to Israel before taking office, otherwise putting it simply they will never take that office; it is a condition of entry.

The underlying current in all this is an agenda to steer the world to a Zionist outcome, the promised land of Israel. And when we look into just who is invited into these secret meetings we see that they too are of the Zionist club!

Things become much clearer when you just do a little digging. All the world religions, all the secret societies and all the events that are happening on the world stage today originate from this one place, intent on chaos, intent on control by deceit and red herrings that capture our attention so that we never see the full picture.

The intricate web of the brotherhoods continues to be woven and spun as we continue to be the bait glued by the adhesive silk, prey just waiting to be devoured by the 8 legs of Zion.

It may be time to cease being accomplices by virtue of ignorant consent and begin being smart and by being aware that our ship is being steered by an evil wind towards the rocky corals of Zion, that lie hidden out of sight below the surface.

Best regards

Michael Feeley

You Are The Characters Of The Bible Video

Hi there,

I am about to give you a sneak preview to the ‘Biggest Secret’ that has been kept from you deliberately, learn it now with my new video and new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’ which is out now!


Michael Feeley

The Mummy Movie…

It is no coincidence that Egypt is coming back into the public domain with my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’ but also with the new blockbuster movie ‘The Mummy’ starring Tom Cruise.

Here’s my take on it!


Michael Feeley


I Want To Tell You A Secret!

Here’s a quick video about my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’  which is out now and available from my website. I hope that you enjoy the information that i have discovered and thank you for your continued support…


“Religion was invented when the first conman met the first fool” – Mark Twain

There’s a knock on the door, who is it?  Oh it’s the Jehovah’s witnesses. Is that the door again, oh it’s just the Mormons. You are now entering my domain and imposing your beliefs at my door.  What’s the headline news today, someone just committed genocide in the name of a peaceful God!

The neo natal child, quick let’s teach them what to believe, it must be what we believe, they won’t know any different, the indoctrination has begun. School time assembly, let’s force them to hear this and taint their minds before they have had the chance to be children, no opportunity to decide for themselves we have decided for them!

The total giving of ourselves to ancient prophets, who walked the Earth, healed the sick and died for our sins we are a population completely hypnotised by belief, belief in the misrepresented, the false and completely misunderstood, we are holding the stick at the wrong end. People of the book, believing what they are told to believe, not asking the questions and not seeking any answers, a mind under the chains of ultimate rent, a vacated property; unfurnished.

I am not saying that religious characters are not real, I am not saying that they don’t exist but what I am saying is that we are all Christ, we are all Mary Magdalene, we are all Mary and Joseph, we are all Noah and Mosses et al and we are all still living in the Garden of Eden as a product of Adam and Eve. And how is this possible?

The stories of the bible and others are really talking about the human body and its processes and not real individuals who are sold to us as saviours, there are no saviours only ourselves. That will stir emotions within many and they will respond with hate and annoyance but it’s time to get real!

In my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’ I have taken the most famous biblical characters and I have shown how they are really an aspect of the workings of the human body and our own essence. Each of these characters are in fact ourselves or an aspect of ourselves from birth and through our lives as our mini universe within exists unseen. I have analysed the words and I have discovered their meanings and I have genetically joined the dots.

We have been fooled into reaching out for external saviours that will not come as they are not saviours and they are not former physical incarnations as we have been duped into believing.

Whilst the world waits in disarray for the arrival of the saviour, dependent upon him to repair the mess we have made, passing on the responsibility for our own misgivings and bad management, those who created these belief systems shake each other’s hands; rub their palms together holding onto the smile of smugness and say that’s a job well done!

I have studied religion and religious characters, I have discovered who and what they really are. I have studied ancient Egypt and have made the connection between the two. I have made the connection between religion and Egypt and other famous cultures too and they all point to the same thing!  OURSELVES!

I hope that you will read what I have discovered and am revealing to the world…

Thank you
Michael Feeley


We’ve all been there with our remote control flicking through the channels to see what takes our fancy. We’ve all stopped when we’ve seen a programme about Egypt, the promise of some facts and the promise that we will at last be told just what the Pyramids and Sphinx were actually built for.  This has been one of the great mysteries of our time and many vanished times that have gone before us.

We are unsurprised when we see the icon that is Dr Zahi Hawass, the hat wearing expert in his field who will tell us again that the Pyramids were built for burials of the Pharaoh’s; built for their passage to the afterlife surrounded by treasures so vast they filled the small tombs.

But what if, just what if everything that we’ve been told about this fabled land and culture was deliberately misinterpreted to keep us in the dark about their real reasons and their true message. What if these monuments, the most famous monuments in the world, have left us a message, a path to greater things?

I have spent much of my time getting visions and theories and then researching them to find that those visions were correct and I have come up with a completely new concept for the Pyramids and Sphinx, Egyptian Gods and their advanced knowledge that has been kept from us by a group of aristocracy that wish to take advantage of this great knowledge for themselves. During this process I have had scarab beetles manifest out of my living room wall and a pure light serpent slithering away from my feet, both highly significant in Egyptian circles.

I have used 17 years of police investigative training to find new evidence from different locations and put it all together in one place so that everyone who wishes to know these things can find it easily! And I am proud of what I have revealed, not only for my own cravings and need to know feelings but for the cravings and desires of others too.

I can say categorically that the Pyramids were not burial tombs and I can say categorically that the Egyptian Gods are metaphors for something much greater than we realised.  I can also tell you what the Sphinx is symbolically doing too and why it positioned where it is. I can also reveal the star alignments of the Pyramidal shafts too, and I do reveal all of these things and that’s just the start.

I contacted the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to offer to pass this information on; to offer them some new information, I have contacted many mainstream Egyptian outlets and I have made this offer in other places too. It came as no surprise to me that I received no response from establishments too scared to rock their income boats and too fearful to listen to an alternative evidence that would inevitably force them to have to change their view and teaching foundations, so embedded they did not want to hear.

I will reveal these secrets and i will reveal them soon and the new evidence that I have collated is breath-taking and amazing and if it should find the right eyes and ears it will turn the previous teachings upside down after throwing them a full 360 degrees first!

I hope that you enjoy my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’  because that’s exactly what we have, we have a message left for us that has survived and weathered time for thousands of years.

Best wishes
Michael Feeley


“In politics, nothing happens by accident” – Franklin D Roosevelt. And this quote couldn’t be any truer when it comes to the current state of fear we currently find ourselves engrossed in. The public look on and feel a sense of safety as troops walk down their street accompanied by armed police and unknowingly, even to the forces involved, we walk into Martial law and blindly into a system of curfew and control.

When you come from a law enforcement background like I do coupled with deep research into the global system of politics and agendas you can soon see that all this was planned and it was planned decades in advance. But in order to move the chess pieces from where they currently are to where they are needed to be something has to happen, some event big enough to make the people scream ‘we want protection’. And then it comes, courtesy of the government who are also controlled; by hidden strings. They give us the protection we cry for and they then get the system they are being pushed for behind the scenes that the population don’t even know exists. Instead we get Bee tattoos; thinking it stands for solidarity because everyone else is doing it; not realising that this is symbolic of the Merovingian illuminati bloodline.

The Merovingian’s believed in the hidden powers of the honeycomb; because a honeycomb is naturally made up of hexagonal prisms, it was considered by philosophers to be the manifestation of divine harmony in nature. Its construction was associated with insight and wisdom. To the Merovingian’s, the bee was a most hallowed creature and a sacred emblem of Egyptian royalty, it became a symbol of Wisdom. I write extensively about Egypt and its far reaching influence in my new book ‘The Secrets of the Pyramids – A Message for Humanity’.

Don’t you think that it is a bit strange that when these fanatics get publically named after an event that we find out that they were known to the intelligence services, that they had been followed, but not on the day of the tragedy? Then that same day or even the day after their houses and networks get raided and we then get informed by our controlled media networks about their allegiance to some Middle Eastern cause, keeping back important and influential fact; the fact that we keep bombing their country of origin again for the reasons of a hidden agenda. A so-called Middle Eastern cause that was created by; paid for and set up by our own secret services; just waiting for the fanatics who believe them to be real to step up and sacrifice themselves for the same global agenda.

It is time to realise that these events are ‘Allowed’ to happen, to cause fear, to cause reaction and to cause a chain reaction that ensures that the global political agenda is steered a particular way. And for those who simply can’t believe that their governments would do this then look no further than Pearl Harbour, which was known about months before the attack and yet it was ‘Allowed’ to happen so that the American establishment would then have public agreeance to go to War, something they didn’t have prior to the attack in which many sailors died, the War was in itself another historical falsity too.

Martial law and even foreign troops on our streets throughout Europe and the world has been planned for many decades and that ship has been sailed right into our oblivious harbour with each manufactured gush of political wind. Armed police and troops around me and council operated drones above me; i am like a prisoner in the prison yard. There is only one place that this is taking us and that is complete control under the guise of protection and security, the alarm bells should now be ringing!

Until the next time follow the trail and don’t ignore the political wind!

Best regards
Michael Feeley

This Is What Your Religion Should Be Teaching You

There is a deepness beyond the comprehension of most people, from the unconscious followers of religion to the general masses. There has been many ancient civilizations who somehow knew these magnificant secrets and held universal knowledge, such as the ancient Egyptians, who told us esoterically through their Gods, far greater than anything known today by the masses and even religious Guru’s. Hell, that word used to threaten us into compliance is ‘Life On Earth’. A psycho-physical (Body & Mind = Testament) spark of universal consciousness channelled through the Sun (Jesus/heavenly being) which then enters into the unconscious physical material flesh to self-experience, the burial of the soul, or as the Egyptians called it, Mummification, the sleep-state, the Karast (Krst = Christ/Burial), a universal principle implanted into unconscious matter (Matter = Material/physicality = condensed light as it goes through Higgs Field and vibrationally slows down) Jesus into a physical existence! So Jesus did the will of God = The Wheel of Gad (Zodiac, 12 signs = 12 disciples of Jesus/Sun). and the Lord’s prayer tells us that ‘Thy Will shall be done on Earth as it is in Heaven’, which is the harmonisation and synchronisation between conscious thought and the subconscious mind. The teachings we are bound by are superficial that do tell us the true origins of ourselves, if we dig deep enough, but are hidden by cleverly written stories that throw us completely off the scent, just as intended! This is what your priests and religions should really be teaching you.

Trump – The Illusionary System

Nazareth, that Biblical place which means Priest-Kings, has a certain relevance even today. There has always been a Religious connection to Kings, politics and power, all go hand in hand both historically and in the modern day which is no different. Many American citizens do not know that in 1871 their constitution was superceded by Lex Fori (Law of the Forum) which is Roman Vatican Law, and the Potus (President, which also means Celebrant of Eucharist/Holy Communion) is Vassal King, holder of land answerable to the British Monarchy who in turn are answerable to the Vatican. Rome has a senate in Capitoline Hill and America has a senate in Capitol Hill! Both have the Eagle as their symbol, the word America also means ‘Rule of the eternal Eagle, or the eternal Eagle’s rule’. America is a corporation and Mr Trump is now CEO of that corporation. “Presidents are selected, not elected” – Roosevelt…The world is much much different to what we are told, the power strings are controlled by and attached to the hands of those we don’t ever see. Elections (El = Saturn) are not an act of fairness or democracy, they are an illusion, created to give the impression of a democracy. Don’t be fooled, your liberty depends upon it. And for those currently rioting over the loss of this electoral illusion, you are one of the reasons that humanity is in the mess it currently is!