Meaning Of The Vatican Flag…

The word Vatican contains the word Tika which means third eye (Vatika) and this is why the Mayans built their pyramid in Tikal (Tika).
Inside the brain we have the two lost islands of Atlantis and Lemuria which are the Pineal gland and the Pituitary gland, the god and goddess Osiris and Isis of Egypt.
The pineal gland is the transmuter of high frequencies and de-scrambles them into a meaningful message and sometimes imagery. The Pituitary gland assist and releases a chemical called Vasopressin which helps the body to retain more fluids whereby it becomes more water based (why Isis was the river goddess). A greater frequency requires water as a conduit to better handle the greater and higher frequencies coming into our cosmic antenna (pineal gland). This is also why the Altar stone of Stonehenge was placed upon a natural earth water line.
The pineal gland releases a masculine electrical portion which is known as “honey,” and the pituitary gland releases the feminine magnetic portion, “milk, it is a white and yellow secretion.
When you see the Vatican flag, white and yellow, it is representing this, and is telling you about awakened consciousness (the cross keys are also relevant, as the union of opposites).
You see numerous pine-cone statues around the Vatican city as the word pineal derives from pine-cone.
Enlightenment is the true secret that is being kept from you…..

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