Saturn (Satan) & The Vatican…

Rome, a magnificent city named after Romulus but formerly known as Saturnalia after the planet Saturn, or for movie fans Darth Vader (Dark Father) or the Lord of the Rings.

The colour associated with Saturn is Black and is part of the reason that we wear Black at funerals as Saturn is also Cronos in Greek who is the grim reaper, father time.

The word Satan derives from Saturn and Satan simply means adversary or opposer and it is the opposer of light, the Sun, and again for movie fans this is Luke Skywalker. Luke means light and the Sun walks the sky in 12 steps (12 hours of the day), it is a skywalker.

The death-star of star wars is Mimas, one of the Moons of Saturn.

It is the battle of light and dark. This goes deep into religion too with the Vatican Church who are part of the Saturnalian brotherhoods and wear Black robes. Black and Red robes indicate the spiritual transition into the occult and white robes mean Candidatas (as in candidate).

The Black Pope, who is the superior general of the Jesuit order controls the public Pope.

The world is said to be ruled by the Devil but the word Devil derives from Dark-Evil and goes back to ancient Egypt with the serpent of darkness Apophis.

In London this is shown by the river Thames which derives from Tamas meaning dark river and it runs passed Hyde park which is named after Hydra, another name for Apophis, both being a serpent of darkness.

The dark-evil is really referring to ignorance and falsity therefore the world is encircled by ignorance and falsity.

This can clearly be seen in the likes of biblical stories and characters which are metaphorically hiding a deeper truth, replacing this truth with fiction so that people are forever following a red-herring. Biblical characters did not exist and the higher ranks of the Church know that all too well.

“It has served us well, this myth of Christ” – Pope Leo X –

“Jesus is Metaphorical, not literal” – Pope Francis (stated in 2017)…

Those who know these truths are often referred to as the ‘Illuminati’ indicating that they are the ‘Enlightened Ones’.

Hell is not a real place it is your root chakra (lowest chakra) that houses the fire energy of Kundalini until spiritually awakened, this is the fire of Hell, your lower desires that are opposing your own inner Christ.

The word Vatican derives from Vatika which means third eye, your spiritual sight and this is why there are numerous pine-cone statues at the Vatican city in Rome.

Pine-cone is where we get the word Pineal as in the Pineal gland, the master gland of the 7 chakra system of consciousness.

It is Jesus and the 7 unclean spirits that have to be first cleansed before your inner Christ consciousness can rise through your 7 unblocked chakras.

This is the 666 beast spoken about in the Bible, this is really man as the adversary of his own Christ consciousness and its rising to ascension. Man is the anti-Christ, he is anti his own Christ by not allowing the ascension of his own inner Christ consciousness.

The church rules by fear or reward and far too many people have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker!

You are your own temple and you are your own vessel to a higher place, the church and religion is a deliberately created capped-ceiling to block your way…

Best regards

The Monuments Of The World – A Secret Concealed…

The famous monuments of the world remain after many thousands of years for all eyes to see.

They demonstrate an advanced building technique but more than that they hide an advanced knowledge of self.

Whoever put them there is telling us something about us! But the question of who can only lead to many speculations and everyone reading this will have their own opinions whether that be ET’s from other worlds or advanced human races amongst others.

My personal take is that many races we regard as ET’s where actually here before humans and are the true original inhabitants of this planet, although not all, which would fit in perfectly with the viewpoint that the likes of the Egyptians did not build the pyramids and found them already there.

What these ancient monuments did and where constructed for was a ritualistic changing of brain waves and an altered state of the mind and consciousness. This can be seen with the mathematical number sequences that form the basis of these famous structures, mathematical sequences that hold a consciousness raising frequency. Such as the Golden ratio, the Fibonacci sequence and of course PI. (432hz & 528hz)

And in addition to this we have other mathematical frequencies such as 8 hertz…inside the Kings chamber of the Great Pyramid.

These monuments were not built for optical pleasure for tourists many thousands of years in the future, they were built as power stations to enhance consciousness processes for the initiates of the time.

The bible and its characters are also a script (scripture) for this knowledge and are a metaphorical story….

I hold onto their deeper secrets…

Let me tell you more…


The Tribe Of Judah – A Metaphor For Secret Knowledge…

Ancient Egypt is the epicenter of knowledge and many cultures took this knowledge away to their own lands to be used for various means.  The ancient Egyptian knowledge was well guarded and even the likes of Plato was denied access to it by the Egyptian Priests, but through persistence he was eventually taught and allowed access to the sacred way.  The Kabbalah was no different, Kabbalah meaning ‘Received Tradition’. The Kabbalah is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought of Judaism.  The Cabals (Kabbalah)   also took Egyptian knowledge with them to be used as part of their own belief systems.

The initiates of the Mystery schools of Egypt were, amongst other names,  called ‘The Lions’ and the most high of the 12 Tribes of Israel is the Tribe of Judah.  The 12 tribes of Israel correspond to the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the tribe of Judah is Leo, the most high of zodiac signs.  Number 12 is the number of completeness.

Judah means Lion Cub and the tribe of Judah is the Royal Tribe of Israel.

Members of the tribe of Judah are the children of Judah, the self-realized masters and Christified ones, Christified is a Christ Conscious state, a higher state, of awareness.  Judah joins the most high name through the Hebrew word (and letter) for Daleth which means ‘Doorway’ and is the first letter of the Hebrew word ‘Daath’ which means knowledge, in other words the tribe of Judah is metaphorically referring to secret teachings and the ‘Doorway to Knowledge’.

In fact the word Jew derives from Yehudi which means ‘From the tribe of Judah’.

The Queen of England, Elizabeth II is a descendant of King David of the tribe of Judah and we can see that the Royal crest features a Lion, which is the symbol of Royalty.  This is why every Monarch is coronated upon the ‘Coronation Stone’ which is really ‘Jacobs Pillar’.  Jacob was told by God, according to their version of history, that his seed would rule the world as Kings and Queens until the return of the promised land, which is Israel (hence the Zionist New World Order).

The concept of Royalty also originates in ancient Egypt.

The world is run by a secret language, namely codes and metaphors and concealed sacred knowledge has been deliberately kept from the masses by the chosen, who call themselves the elites, which means Gods chosen ones, for reasons of personal advantage and control. They are the modern day version of the ancient priests of the mystery schools of Egypt.

I am of the opinion that knowledge belongs to everyone and I have spent many years decoding it. As a result the Illuminati  have attempted to recruit me several times, but I have declined…

I will tell you what they know…

Best regards


A Sleep State Chat With Ancient Egypt…

There have been many occasions recently when I have been given mathematical coded messages in my sleep state, in the form of either flashing or static number sequences.

And although I rarely remember my sleep state or dreams these numbers have stuck with me as I awoke and throughout the day.

Last night was no exception and the message was a complex code that has caused my head to hurt working out its meaning….

The dream time vision was simply √937 and I have worked hard to decode it

Here goes:

The Square root (√) of 937 = 30.6104557 (30.6) and 937 is the 13th ‘Star Number’. A star number is a central figurate number representing a centered hexagram (6 pointed star). The 13th Star number is as so, 12x12th triangular number +1…

The Hexagram represents the ascent towards Godhead (Egyptian terminology for enlightened consciousness) and also represents insight and wisdom and the magic power within.

In nature the Bee creates a honeycomb which is the shape of the Hexagram.

The Bee is a symbol of Egyptian Royalty, for this reason…and I have a deep connection to ancient Egypt and have been given its secret knowledge…

The language of the universe is mathematics and often my conversations are of a numerical nature…

I wonder what tonight will bring?

Best regards

The Earth Is Not Flat…

The Hindu’s believed that the force that created the Universe was sound. They chant the word OM which in Hindu is Sun, as in solar Sun. The root word of Sun/Son is sound/sonic.

Sound is the collision of atoms and particles in the atmosphere and those collisions become spherical waves that ripple out from a point of origin. Ultrasound waves form the same shape they are simply above the range of human audible sound.

Many ancient sites such as Stonehenge used Ultrasound waves as they alter the state of the Brain and cause a ‘Right Brain’ experience. Ultrasound waves are also used in the creation of Crop Circles.

Sound causes the nodes of standing waves which is the harmonic phenomenon that programs the likes of stars and planets to spread out across space and stop at certain distances away from each other, as we can see in a micro fashion with the ‘Chladni plates’ which can be seen in action on youtube.

The precise and exact distances that enable ‘Relativity’ as described by Einstein, to occur, without it there would be no universal balance.

Planets also create sound, called the Music of the Spheres’ by Plato. If sound is a spherical wave, which it is, and planets create sound by their rotation, which they do, then the Earth, which makes a sound, is a sphere and not flat!

The whole universe is governed by geometry and everything that exists within it follows a mathematical geometric shape and design. From the sub-atomic world of DNA to the largest of universal Nebula’s everything is geometric design.

No singular planet can be an exception to this numerical rule and Earth is not the exception…despite what some are saying that Earth is a flat and that Australia doesn’t exist. It does, I have family members who have emigrated there…

Mathematics is the universal language and geometry is one of its branches.

All that exists follows this rule…

Best regards

See Michael In 2019

Why not treat yourself to one of my talks next year (2019)?

Venues/Dates will appear on my website soon:

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored 7 paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/conference speaker.

Michael is a multiple paranormal experiencer and has personally witnessed dimensional portals, UFO sightings day and night, received telepathic invites to attend certain locations, has seen the spirits of British Royalty (King Charles I) and has seen an ET being face to face amongst many other encounters!

Michael now uses his 17 years of evidence gathering knowledge and investigative training to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world.

The face of history can now be changed as Michael demonstrates to you a ciphered code left for us to find within the famous monuments of the ancient world!

What you have previously been told can now be re-written…


In this talk Michael explores a new approach to uncovering the real purpose of some our most mysterious monuments from around the world that until this day have left scholars and visitors alike completely baffled.

Michael says: “What if there was someone able to decipher a blueprint that spans throughout the ancient world – a blueprint that tells us what the likes of the pyramids of Egypt and Stonehenge really represent?

A blueprint that reveals the true location of the likes of Atlantis and Lemuria and also tells us what the heads of Easter Island are telling us?

What if that person was also able to decipher a bible code which tells us who the likes of Jesus and Mary Magdalene really were, along with other famous biblical characters?

You are about to meet that person and you are about to discover that code!”

The Annunaki – The Real Translation…

To challenge Zacharia Sitchen and the Annunaki is like challenging Christ at a Church or religious convention, and I happily do both!

The fact remains if there is evidence to challenge a story, and in most cases that’s exactly what they are, then that should be presented to others.  Why shouldn’t a lie or a misunderstanding of the real meaning not be exposed?

The Annunaki story has become the shrine of many UFO groups who will fight you with unsavory language should you not subscribe to its version of history.

But for me I see a different version of the Sumerian scrolls than the version translated by Sitchen, a self taught reader of Cuneiform. I would never deny the existence of ET’s, I have personally seen one, I have personally seen a multitude of UFO’s and as a direct result of what I have seen I have been monitored by GCHQ, here in the UK, I have had my phones tapped and my emails removed, copied and returned.  Something is clearly going on!

Recently I posed another view on the whole Alien subject which was, what if we are in fact actually the Aliens and what if we are visiting them, them being what we deem ET’s who may actually be the original inhabitants of Earth? Just what if?  After all there has never been any recorded documentation of the building and construction of the Pyramids of Egypt and around the world  found. Some say they were there before these human cultures arrived, so who put them there?  Those who were here first, what we mistakenly call ET’s.

I  have studied all the famous ancient cultures of Earth, their monuments and their sacred religious scriptures, and I have found a code, a code that is really telling us about ourselves, our own enlightenment and our own consciousness through the genetic workings of the human body.  This is the real purpose of these wonderful monumental structures that are acting as giant replica’s of inner processes and an amplification of the rituals that achieve them.

I see the same message within the Sumerian scrolls, namely a message of human genetics and consciousness.  The Sitchen version tells us that a race of ET’s known as the Annunaki, meaning those who from heaven to Earth came,  visited Earth on their home planet Nibiru (Planet X) which is now in a 3600 year Earth orbit, to mine for Gold which was needed to rectify the dwindling atmosphere on their planet.  They supposedly used the genetics of Homo-erectus to create a slave race that we know of today as Homo-sapiens, our current human form.

Their principle characters were Anu, Alalu, Enki & Enlil amongst others.  But this is my version of the story which completely matches the message of all other ancient cultures of the time.

The whole Annunaki story is really one of fertility, genetics and consciousness.

Let’s start with the phrase giant. Giant is a metaphor for a greater than average insight, a higher consciousness. Anu, who was the chief God of the Annunaki generally means ‘Atom’ or Atom of creation’ and is referencing human fertility and the creation of life.  Enki was the God of water and wanted humans to have knowledge but water is symbolic of collective unconsciousness, spirit that has become unconscious. In fact the Annunaki are also called the Watchers which means ‘Awake or He who is Awake’.

Enlil was the God of wind and air/wind is the power of the mind, the force of intellect and knowledge.  We see many depictions of these Annunaki Gods carrying a Pine-cone which is really the Pineal gland, our master gland, the third eye which is our inner illumination (enlightened consciousness).  We also see them with wings which is a replica of the 2 hemispheres, the 2 lateral wings of the cerebellum within the brain that deals with balance/equilibrium which is essential in our quest for consciousness. These lateral wings are separated by the Vermis which means serpent, which is why these Gods are depicted as serpents. A serpent man is symbolic of the God in Man or the God within us.

The strange watch that is often seen on the wrist of these Gods is the Merkabah, the wheel, the transport that takes you to a higher consciousness, the biblical chariot.  And the strange looking handbag that they usually carry is symbolic of something concealed and hidden, in other words scared knowledge retained for the chosen.

Another character of this story is Enlil’s wife Ninlil who asked the council of 7 to create Eridu (biblical Eden). Eden means body and the Garden of Eden is the human body. The council of 7 are the 7 chakras that are the energy wheels of the human body itself.  The sumerian story of Eridu introduces the characters of Adamu and Tiamat which means sea of primordial creation.  This is the biblical Adam & Eve which is really the story of the Atom (Adam) and Eve (Nuclear fission – extracting the electron from the atom to create other atoms). Electrons have a negative charge which is why Eve was seen as a negative influence on Adam.

They lived in the East of Eden which is referring to the right side of the Brain, the higher consciousness.  The Sumerian scrolls sometimes depict two serpents kissing which is symbolic of the fusion of male and female power, our androgynous consciousness.

In the Annunaki story it is stated that their home planet is Nibiru, which means wondering planet. In Egyptian astronomy the planet Venus is called Neb-Heru and is known as the wondering planet, as every 8 years it orbits in a pentagram shape around the Sun. The pentagram is the number 5 and realized man.

The 3600 year orbit of this planet, whereby they return and mine for Gold, is really talking of the year 3600BC when Egyptian metal-smiths first found and smelted Gold. The search for Gold is referring to alchemical ascension known as the ‘Philosophers Stone’.  The Philosophers stone is inner enlightenment.

The scrolls do however really state that the Annunaki’s home planet is in fact Duku which means ‘Sacred Mound’ and is referring to the Mons Veneris meaning ‘Mound of Venus’ which is the pubic mound, again a reference to fertility. In Sanskrit Venus is called Shukra which means Seminal secretion.

Enki is also associated with semen and fertility.

The Sitchen version states that the Annunaki brought the Moon to Earth’s current orbit but scientifically this could not have been the case and there are example after example that proves this not to be the case. Such as the Moon and Earth have the same Oxygen Isotopes which mean that they originated at the same distance from the Sun and the fact that there are what is known as Tidal Rhythmites on Earth that prove an astronomical induced tidal influence over 2 billion years ago.  The Annunaki were said to have brought the Moon to its current position 450,000 years ago.  There are many other examples too such as mathematics, the Moon being exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun giving us the illusion of an eclipse, amongst many other 400-100 numerical combinations. The solar system is what it is and the Moon was not brought here as an after thought.

Basically without the Moon there is no life on Earth, no seasons, no liquid water and no habitable temperature for life and seeing as the story states that the Annunaki found life upon Earth as they arrived, cannot be correct.

Enki & Enlil were known as the Sheti which means ‘Snake Brothers’. This is referring to the positive and negative serpents of the body the Ida and Pingala nerves and on a much smaller scale the double helix of Human DNA that intertwine like two serpents.

The face on Mars, which the story states is a character called Alulu, who was the supervisor of the Gold mining expedition, is referring to wave genetics that DNA originally starts off as.   Alulu means ‘Waveform’ which DNA changes from to become DNA. The face is sacred geometry and the Golden Ratio, the shape of creation. It is a gigantic message telling us of ourselves and that we are made in the Image of GOD – Geometry of Divinity…

I could have continued giving other examples of what this story means. But in essence it is one of consciousness, fertility (human creation/arrival on the scene of life) and human genetics, considered Royalty in other parts of the universe because of its multiple make-up.

The Annunaki story is a metaphor for these things!

Best regards







The Accolades For Michael’s Work And Research Continues…

What others have to say about my work and research…

“Michael Feeley is very gifted, he has unlocked the mysteries that would have taken most researches a lifetime to put together…Awesome Job”

“The info in your talk and your research is phenomenal, so thank you”…

“Your work is captivating Michael. I’m glad I found you”

“We found your submission to be a fascinating and well researched look into the secret codes in Ancient Egypt. I found your take on the Adam and Eve story fascinating, how these Biblical entities are real but not as we think of them; they exist in our very atoms. Your way of looking at the world is fascinating and you discover a lot of symbolism and coded meaning, much like a Dan Brown story”

Why not discover for yourself what these readers were describing?

The Vatican And The New World Order…

Many claim to do Gods work, many religious groups claim to be of sanctity and love and they create a facade that attracts the following of the misinformed who believe without question and never challenge everything that their leaders say.

The Vatican is one such group, followed by a billion people worldwide and having great influence and power over many minds and lives. But behind the public face of God loving Christians there is a sinister undercurrent of world domination.

The Vatican pulls the strings of power over many secret societies such as the Knights of Malta who control the world banks and the Vatican controls the world of commerce with its Maritime law and the Cestie Que Vie trusts (Symbolized by the 3 tiered crown)

There is a fondness for the apparent leader of the Vatican and Catholicism, the Pope, but the decisions of the Pope, currently Pope Francis (not his real name) are controlled by the Black Pope. The Black Pope is the Superior General of the Jesuit Order and they are the spiritual gatekeepers of the New World Order and the Illuminati, known as the enlightened ones!

They act as Chameleons infiltrating other religions with a view to destroying them in order to bring about the one world religion the ‘New World Order’ requires and that religion will be based upon Satanism or as it is really known Saturnism.

The colour associated with Saturn is Black hence why the Saturnalian brotherhoods, like the Black Pope and many court judges, wear Black robes. Saturnalia was the original name for Rome. The Black and Red robes worn by the priests indicate a spiritual transformation into the occult and the white robes are the candidatus (candidate). The Vatican (Pope Pius 12th) assisted high ranking Nazi’s to flee Germany after WWII and the Federal Reserve (Run by the Knights of Malta) funded the rise of Hitler.

What some religions mistake for Biblical prophecy is really just a well executed plan planned hundreds of years in advance. For example in the Jehovah’s witness religion they state that the penultimate sign before Armageddon is world governments turning against religion.

This is purely the New World Order being played out and not the final battle of God before the 1000 year rule of Christ, this aspect also has a much deeper meaning.

The world is being steered in a planned direction of world dominance and one of the world’s biggest and most followed religion is at the helm…

Behind the Godlike smiles is the assassins riffle…

Best regards

What If We Are The Aliens?

UFO after UFO community revere in aliens visiting Earth for varying reasons, the negative and the positive and the neutral.

Many films and books have taken this theme as a script, the hero that defeats the mother-ship and saves Earth from a foreign galactic take-over.

Videos and photos of proof and evidence taken by ordinary people that we are being visited from a galaxy far far away!

I myself have personally seen countless UFO’s both day and night in our skies, I have seen 2 dimensional portals opening up, one of which emanated a craft before the portal dissipated. I have seen many other things too that have proven to me that we are not alone on this planet.

But what if we were to turn the current state of belief and opinion onto its head and look at it from a different prospective?

When we look at the most grandiose monuments around the world, not least the Pyramids of Egypt, we can see advanced knowledge and advanced technology in their construction that eludes the modern day machinery and innovation.

I have deciphered a code that tells us exactly how advanced this sacred knowledge was/is and how advanced the builders were in their knowledge of the likes of geometry that they have deliberately encoded within, containing life changing information about ourselves!

The likes of the Egyptians documented everything they did, in fact the ancient Egyptians believed that writing was invented by the god Thoth and called their hieroglyphic script “mdju netjer” (“words of the gods”).

The word hieroglyph comes from the Greek hieros (sacred) plus glypho (inscriptions)…

With this being the case why did they not document how they built the pyramids? Surely if you were involved and responsible for such greatness then you would announce it?

Some have also suggested that the Pyramids were there before the Egyptians and that they didn’t actually build them.

I will now turn years of enthusiastic passion on its head with a theory. What if the so called Aliens are not visiting us but were here before us and that we are actually visiting them?

What if they were already inhabiting Earth when humans arrived?

Not all races of course but some of them!

Would it not make sense that we found these monuments already constructed and that certain over-classes of the human visitors to Earth, the new inhabitants, were taught of their secrets by their builders? Secrets that are still kept secret today only for the chosen eyes to see and the chosen minds to know.

Secrets of the universe and geometric creation…

It makes perfect sense…what if we are the Aliens?

Best regards