Alchemy Of The Gods


In this book trained police investigator, Michael Feeley, reveals to you, that humans are not from Earth, but from another constellation entirely! He has also uncovered that the pyramids and other mysterious monoliths around the world carry an encrypted message and that there are higher communications held within the likes of the Nazca lines, crop circles, hieroglyphic language and the Moai heads of Easter Island.

Michael makes astonishing revelations about the mystery of the elongated skulls of Stonehenge, Egypt, Russia, Peru and Malta with a new interpretation of their meaning and formation, plus much more. Just who were these ancient Gods, worshipped, idolised and documented by our ancient ancestors?

Are they extra-terrestrial beings from other far off worlds… or are they simply the elder race of man paying their root races a return visit, giving them the tools for inner-transformation..?

Alchemy of the Gods is a book sent from the stars!

My New Book – ‘The Code Of Christ – What Religions Should Be Teaching You’


“The Code Of Christ – What Religions Should Be Teaching You”


If you want to know what the bible really means then you need to read this controversial book!

P.A. Hymer is a former member of the Church of 35 years and Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now esoteric researcher with the knowledge base of the initiates of the mystery schools of Egypt and around the world.

They have combined together to bring you a knowledge that is rightfully yours but has been kept hidden by the Church for many hundreds of years.

Just what does the Church really know about the true identity of Christ and other biblical characters?

You are about to find out…

Time Is Real

Many say that time is an illusion and that it doesn’t exist. We look at a clock each and every day, many times, and we see a numerical representation of a duration of existence.

Many say that beyond Earth time doesn’t exist either.

The likes of Einstein stated that time is the fourth dimension, noting that time is inseparable from space.

Well, time does exist and it also exists beyond Earth! And this is how.

The universe is mathematical code, everything adheres to number sequences that are not deviated from.

Time is also mathematics and therefore exists, that is why Einstein possibly proclaimed that time cannot be separated from space, they are interlinked.

Time is a measure of the interval between two events, measured in seconds. The second is defined by the electronic transition of the Cesium atom. The Cesium atom has the vibration of the second.

When we look at the atomic clock, which is a microwave/electron transition frequency within the Electromagnetic spectrum of atoms, we see hyper-fine (small) transitions.

The second is 1/60th of a minute, 1/3600th of an hour or 1/86400 of a day and so on.

We measure time by the oscillations of the Cesium atom at zero magnetic field, which gives us the second, the basis of time.

Time relates to this Cesium measurement and Time is mathematical.

Even nature, namely the fertilization event is timed to mathematical certainty.

After fertilization, the cells in the zygote divide rapidly to form a morula, which becomes the embryo after approximately five days. The fetus is present about eight weeks after the fertilization takes place.

After fertilization, the zygote begins to divide rapidly. Twenty-four hours after fertilization, the zygote contains two cells, and three days after fertilization the zygote has 16 cells and is called a morula. The cells continue to divide and form a hollow bundle called a blastocyst.

The blastocyst implants in the endometrium, and the cells begin to form the embryo.

The embryo is present at five to six days after the zygote is fertilized. The embryo is a clump of cells inside the formerly hollow blastocyst, and is surrounded by the trophoblast. The trophoblast contains cells that direct hormone production and implantation.

After the embryo forms, the cells form the embryonic disk. The embryonic disk begins to fold, allowing the cells within the disk to touch other cells.

The cells then start forming each of the bodily systems. For example, the organs and nervous system begin to develop at this stage. After approximately three weeks, each of the cells in the developing embryo are part of one of the developing systems in the body. After eight weeks, the embryo becomes a fetus.

This is programmed time, genetics are timed to activate at certain points, this is time as we know it. It is time and mathematics as one, set to activate after a certain duration has passed!

And since atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty space we can see a time-space continuum within our genetic code.

Time truly exists and as the universe is mathematical both are intrinsically linked and inseparable.

This is only one of many examples.

For as long as the universe continues to expand time will continue to exist. And if there was to be another universal Big-Bang then we would be part of another time-line…


The Annunaki, The Real Meaning (Video)

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I hope that you are well. I have decided to share another video I filmed just last night, about the famous Annunaki story in which I can see a different interpretation, this of course is not a popular version of events among the many ufology groups.

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Please also look out for my live audience talks around the UK during the remainder of the year!

Esoteric Revelations – The Pentagram (My New Video)

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please find the link to my new video which starts off a series of videos that go deep into many thousands of years of secrets, whereby I will be revealing the truth about our ancient monuments and religious characters and stories, which are not real, they are in fact metaphors.

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The Bride Of Christ

You walk up to the Church and through the Yoni, the Lunette arch, the four gates of female genitalia, the Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail.

You hear the hymns, a word that derives from Hymen and you enter the lower chakras within the Church, with each of the seven chakras marked out within its design, as you progress up each energy wheel until you reach your seat.

All invisible to the eye and unbeknown to each and everyone of the parishioners.

As you begin to sing your inner wisdom is expressed through speech. Your vocal chords resembling the yoni, where words are gestated and birthed.

The Egyptian Goddess of motherhood Isis personified in the Church, the first IS = the throat and the second IS = the genitalia that when become purified incarnates the solar force, RA or Christ through a virgin birth of inner chastity.

The Church is the feminine Moon that reflects the light of the cosmic Christ, the Sun. The Church is the ‘Bride of Christ’.

If we misuse this fifth chakra, the throat, which contains ‘Adams Apple’ this lack of wisdom causes the fall of our Adam in Eden, Eden being the body! It is code for the fall of man.

In the Kabbalah the throat is Daath, which is knowledge on the tree of life, which now begins to build up a picture of the Adam & Eve story.

Misuse of the voice becomes a breach of the ninth commandment ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’ which is code for the need of the use of truthful and effective speech.

Geometric shapes all around the church or cathedral which stimulate the two hemisphere’s of the brain into a higher consciousness and leads you into a level of sanctity when combined with vocal sound.

Voice harmonies of the Solfeggio scale, 6 ancient Monastery tones that impart spiritual blessings.

Enlightenment through sound-alchemy.

And all this Gnostic knowledge lost and hidden by the priesthoods who no longer wish you to seek and find but to follow and believe what you are told.

Believe = Be-leave, which means to be absent!

There is a purpose concealed beyond the scope of vision of those who blindly follow.

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