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The Bride Of Christ

You walk up to the Church and through the Yoni, the Lunette arch, the four gates of female genitalia, the Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail.

You hear the hymns, a word that derives from Hymen and you enter the lower chakras within the Church, with each of the seven chakras marked out within its design, as you progress up each energy wheel until you reach your seat.

All invisible to the eye and unbeknown to each and everyone of the parishioners.

As you begin to sing your inner wisdom is expressed through speech. Your vocal chords resembling the yoni, where words are gestated and birthed.

The Egyptian Goddess of motherhood Isis personified in the Church, the first IS = the throat and the second IS = the genitalia that when become purified incarnates the solar force, RA or Christ through a virgin birth of inner chastity.

The Church is the feminine Moon that reflects the light of the cosmic Christ, the Sun. The Church is the ‘Bride of Christ’.

If we misuse this fifth chakra, the throat, which contains ‘Adams Apple’ this lack of wisdom causes the fall of our Adam in Eden, Eden being the body! It is code for the fall of man.

In the Kabbalah the throat is Daath, which is knowledge on the tree of life, which now begins to build up a picture of the Adam & Eve story.

Misuse of the voice becomes a breach of the ninth commandment ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness’ which is code for the need of the use of truthful and effective speech.

Geometric shapes all around the church or cathedral which stimulate the two hemisphere’s of the brain into a higher consciousness and leads you into a level of sanctity when combined with vocal sound.

Voice harmonies of the Solfeggio scale, 6 ancient Monastery tones that impart spiritual blessings.

Enlightenment through sound-alchemy.

And all this Gnostic knowledge lost and hidden by the priesthoods who no longer wish you to seek and find but to follow and believe what you are told.

Believe = Be-leave, which means to be absent!

There is a purpose concealed beyond the scope of vision of those who blindly follow.

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The Mystery Of The Elongated Skulls…No Longer A Mystery

I like many others have seen the TV documentaries of people with elongated skulls, found in ancient graves at ancient burial sites near to or at famous locations. Theories of Aliens always the top of the list! Someone once commented to a post of mine regarding elongated skulls in Egypt and told me that it was just an African cultural thing and nothing more. Well if it is an African cultural event why have elongated skulls also been found at Stonehenge in the UK and in Arkai in Russia and even Peru?

As I have said many times previously the ancient world have left us the same message regardless of where in the world it began its culture, Whether that be in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, South America, Maya, UK et al.

The elongated skulls have a more advanced scientific answer and that science is sound/sonics. In fact it is sound-alchemy which is reaching enlightenment by the use of frequencies. And this is how.

Cone/elongated skulls have a more dynamic sound effect and an enhanced spectrum in the frequency dimension.

The upper shafts of the Great pyramid were designed as receivers of the lowest frequencies of intrasound, 0.5hz. Loud infrasound operates between 0.5hz – 10hz and infrasound simply means inaudible to the human ear. This was at the precise place that the shafts opened, affecting the transmission of sound waves.

The air-shafts of the Great pyramid were harmonic dimensions that specify wavelengths and store sound-waves. They were in effect an acoustic resonance system for genetic enhancement and consciousness balancing. They were able to place babies into the shafts at the place the shafts opened up into the upper chamber.

This cranial augmentation was caused by a fetal gestation and natal bio-rhythmic entainment (alignment of sound).

Infrasonic stimulation causes genetic enhancement and a tri-thalamic entainment, which is the three parts of the third eye, pineal gland, pituitary gland and the thalamus, Isis, Osiris and Horus in Egyptian Gods.

They were a DNA and nativity chamber that connected and stabilized the biorhythms of mother and child at separation at birth. It was gestational entainment techniques under the Great pyramids magnetic umbrella.

Even the dimensions of the Sarcophagus are calibrated to the heartbeat of a newborn child.

So there you have it, the elongated skulls are as a result of sound techniques ritualistically practiced at these ancient sites!



The Purpose Of Stonehenge…

Stonehenge is a world famous set of monoliths on the plains of Salisbury.  Many have tried to guess their purpose.  I hope that this article will answer many questions for you and put the whole ancient world into some prospective.  Their advanced knowledge and their unquestionable connection to people from the stars and in the case of Stonehenge, planet Mars in particular.

Stonehenge is in effect a gigantic Phonetic profiler capable of deciphering messages within sound-waves and sound within a language, messages from other worlds, that allow the wise and in-tune masters of sound to add to their wisdom.  It was a large tuning fork to balance and purify their own vessel to a pitch of a higher place.  There are coded messages within sound-waves which are being decoded by an ancient enigma machine.

This is in the same vain as the modern SETI (Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence) that we use today, sending out messages within radio waves in the hope that they will reach a far and distance race.  Well, they have already been here and most probably still are.

Through the use of various sonic techniques by using crystalline monoliths, as harmonic tuning forks and ancient computers, as we use silicon in computers today, they were able to transcend to other worlds and ascend their own vessels to God-state highness.

The Earthly monuments are energy directors and the stones themselves were moved by ‘Sound wave focusing’ and are sound wave constructions.

The correlations of the rocks were a power source energized by electro-magnetic fields, built upon magnetic energy focus points, leylines.  You can modify wavelengths to carry sound information and add information to a frequency wavelength. Something as simple as a piece of glass can change an electromagnetic wavelength which is called the ‘Index of Refraction’.

Consciousness and balance within was important because at the center of within we can create high melodic sounds brought forth whilst in a trance state. Stonehenge was an energy transducer (a device that converts energy from one form to another or converts a signal in one form of energy to a signal in another).

The location attracted those on the correct frequency who in turn placed stones in the correct location to receive the coded communications in code telepathy.  This code could also be found in encoded pictographs, such as the Nazca lines and crop circles.

This is as a result of focused transcendent thought wave separation. Many messages are in spiral form as the spiral serves to translate a message by slowing down the wave and focusing thought wave transference energy that also moves in spirals.

This utilizes/transduces electro-magnetic waves which is the conduit for breaking down a signal from universal languages into a phonetic profile.  Phonetic profiling is transcribing sounds that occur in a language, letters that represent sounds.  It is like a gigantic WWII ‘Enigma Code Breaking Machine’.  This was for the purpose of multiple user necessity.

Therefore multiple people must hear and feel and understand the same thing.

Stonehenge was used to resonate with the ‘Tonal Rill’ which taught wise ones with wisdom’s entered physically through the crown chakra transceiving system (transmitter/receiver system of circuitry).

This happens to me too and I can feel the information/ancient knowledge being entered into my mind.

Tonal Rill is a download through overtone singing.  Overtone is a single human voice simultaneously producing two or more clearly audible tones (Tones = Stones/ Ringtones = ringstones) which can then be caused to harmonize with self.  The human voice is able to interact with the stones by using a special vocal technique creating a distinctive ringing sound by isolating only particular harmonics. It is a precise resonant frequency of the stone, therefore vibrating it.

Rill is a breathily sound made by forcing air through the space between the tip of the tongue and the roof of the mouth which can levitate stone.

Sound and light are intertwined to one another and both carry information and the root word of sun/son is sonic. All ancient sites have information stored in the stone as the human body has information stored in its bones. When sound moves through you it unlocks a doorway and allows an information flood into your body.  It also penetrates into the ground affecting Earth vibrations changing molecular alignment.

Crystalline structures can transmit a large amount of information to evolved/plugged-in humans.

Sound is a tool for transformation for the keepers of sound.  Stonehenge is circular because it can open a columnar portal at the circles center creating circular waves. Circular resonance can create portals. Overtones also activate the Inner portal, the Pineal gland.

The stones were a chakra balancer and an amplification of the transmitter and receiver energies connecting Earth and sky.

The Presli bluestones of Stonehenge have 7 bands of energy that connect to the 7 chakras.

They have a diameter of 33 feet (33 & 7 = important spiritual numbers).

The altar stone is off center as it was built upon a ‘Yin Aquifer’ that records sacred information of the sacred site.  The Merlin stone as it is also called also has significance as Merlin is symbolic of the inner wizardry of self (inner alchemy – philosopher’s stone).  The Moon has an impact on water therefore it was important to monitor its location by a Lunar calendar.

The Trilithon represents unity consciousness completed from two individual cells.

They are 13 feet high and 7 feet wide, 13 = many into one and 7 = end of cycle.

There were originally 30 of them and 30 = connection to a higher force.

The Avenue and Heel stone is the end of individual consciousness and the entry into unity consciousness.

Each sacred site represents a planet or a planetary orbit called a Planisphere.  Silbury Hill represents Earth and Mars.

The famous face on Mars has grid latitude of 4523.893421 which when divided by 2160 (zodiac significance) it equals 97.3386882 which gives us both the diameter and location of Stonehenge in a clear planetary correlation.

Stonehenge itself represents Saturn which is the God of wisdom (Hexagon on North Pole of Saturn – Hexagon is wisdom/knowledge)


Even crop circles that are largely located around the region of Stonehenge contain hidden encrypted messages within sound called diatonic ratios.

The monuments of the world contain hidden coded messages and act as radio wave transmitters and receivers to other places…

And wherever in the world they are located, or whatever shape they are formed, the story is the same…

They are the first computers on Earth…they are gigantic motherboards and resonance chambers…




Mary Magdalene Is The Number 153…

The wife of Christ to some, the holder of the Sangreal, the bloodline of Christ, to Dan Brown in the Da Vinci Code of book and movie and a prostitute to others.

But who is Mary Magdalene? She is none of the above!

To identify Mary Magdalene you need to look no further than the universal principle of creation itself, sacred geometry.

The dot in the circle (Monad) is universal consciousness, the line is universal intelligence and the circle is the universal force. The dot that moves becomes the line which within the circle is the Radius, meaning RA-DIOS, the Sun-god (the sun of God). The circle is the manifestation of the one, from nothing to everything.

All geometric shapes are determined from the circle.

The circle drawn around you is the sacred space to commune with the one. The circle is PI which is a transcendental number.

Geometry stimulates both sides of the brain and therefore to understand it is to understand the universe and self. The Square represents the imposition of structure but it gives us the 4 elements, the 4 seasons, the 4 cardinal points and so on.

So with that brief introduction to sacred geometry in mind where does Mary Magdalene fit into it?

Well, the circle is oneness, two circles are separation and those two circles interlinked become the Vesica Piscis. Within the Vescia piscis, the center, we have the Mandorla (meaning almond) which has a degree of 153. The name Mary Magdalene in Greek gemetria equals 153. It also has relevance to Christ with the 153 fishes caught upon resurrection, the ministry of Christ lasting 153 weeks and it also has relevance to the Great pyramid of Egypt has 153 represents divine knowledge and the master of the net!

The Mandorla is the yoni, the doorway to life, the manifestation portal, in other words the female genitalia, the holy passage.

The date of the feast of Mary Magdalene is on 22nd July which gives us 22/7. 22/7 is a shorthand way of writing PI and PI of course relates to the circle. When we introduce the Radian, which is the arc length of a circle it is 180 degress (1 Radian = 180 degrees). Therefore 153/180 = an expression of PI.

Mary Magdalene is the divine birther, the holy passage of the female which then takes us onto the ‘Holy Grail’ which derives from Graal meaning vessel of God. The true Holy Grail is the womb and the blood of the chalice is really the menstrual blood containing lunar energy, again relevant to the Moon and the feminine principle.

This article could go on but suffice to say Mary Magdalene is the yoni, the divine birther of life and the Christo-Sophia, the wisdom of Christ…

Best regards

The Geometers Hand…


Image seeing the mental image of the universe being drawn out, just a hand sketching the universe into being, the hand of Leonardo Da vinci himself. The original blueprint.

The secret hand of the geometer, the understander of geometry and stereometry, the geometry of space.

A circle that contains a dot that then expands into a line, taking it from universal consciousness to universal intelligence to the universal force.

From the center of the circle to its sphere becomes the radius the RA-DIOS, meaning the sun god, the Christ intellect.

The keys to all knowledge are contained in the dot, the line, and the circle, the threefold unknowable Cause of all knowable existence.

A dot that moves away from itself becomes the line and light travels in a straight line becoming that universal intelligence.

Photons speak to human DNA and they become biophotons, body-light.

The further you go away from self the more your consciousness decreases and the closer you get to self the more your consciousness increases which is why it is so important to a control system to create fictional icons of worship in order to take you outside of self and into the domain of unconsciousness.

In man the spirit is represented by the dot and conscious activity or intelligence by the line. Conscious activity is the key to intelligence, because consciousness belongs to the sphere of the dot and activity to the sphere of the circle. The circle is the limit of our scope of awareness. The principle of creation is geometry and all geometric shapes are determined from the circle.

This is how knowing the meaning of symbols can help you learn, grow and evolve. Life is naturally expansive, a seed becomes a tree and a thought becomes another thought, it is the natural order of things.

It is important to expand ourselves as we are the real deities which derives from deit which means self.

“The kingdom of God (Geometry of Divinity) is within you” and this was stated for good reason…

The machine is made for the same old same where everyone is a duplicate, believing what they are told to believe without question and never becoming the hermetic or the hierophant, he who can understand the sacred mysteries and esoteric principles.

You are much more, you are the geometry of the universe in organic form.

Live up to your greatness!

Best regards

Religion Is A Grand And Fake Deception…

For those who follow a religion there is no easy way of saying this, You’ve been well and truly had over.

And those who had you over regard you in complete and utter contempt and worthless and vulgar not worthy of knowing the truth.

Let us just have a look at their contempt for you with these ecclesiastical quotes in Latin (Roman Church) with English translation.

“Mundus vult decipi decipiatur erg” – “The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

“Expedire civitates religione falli” – that it was a fit thing cities should be deceived by religion.

“Si mundus vult decipi, decipiatur”, if the world will be gulled (fooled/deceived), let it be gulled, ’tis good howsoever to keep it in subjection”. Subjection means to take someone/person into your control, which they do by telling you what to believe.

“That there are many truths, which it is useless for the vulgar to know; and many falsities which it is fit the people should not suppose are falsities” (Vulgar = lacking wisdom/unsophisticated)

“The best way in the world to deceive believers is to cloak a message in religious language and declare that it conveys some new insight from God”

The world has been deceived and it is our fault for allowing ourselves to be deceived in an age of information.

Religion at its public levels is fake, a cover-up for the deep truths that are hidden beyond the public scope. Only the initiates are supposed to know the truth which is hidden by codes, symbols and metaphors, the hermetic and the hierophant who has specialist knowledge. The rest of us can believe in Jesus and Noah et al, which these secret brotherhoods know is also a fake teaching of control.

Religion and fake belief systems are the machine that is made for the same old same, duplicates and copies without an individual identity.

Do you see what is really going on or do you just follow what the crowd tells you what is truth?

Best regards