Geometry Makes The Earth A Sphere…Earth Is Not And Cannot Be Flat…

We are all a product of the one time beginning often called the Big-Bang of the universe that created a universe of numbers and its branch geometry and stereometry which is spatial measurements and universal geometry. The word Geometry itself means Earth Measure.

Within a minute of the big-bang Quarks (smaller than sub-atomic particles) were encased within protons (sub-atomic particles) which eventually became us. The three sub-atomic particles of the atom, the proton, neutron and electron are the Biblical ‘Holy Trinity’ and also Original Sin which is really Shin, the ‘Triune Atomic Fire’ (Mr Spock’s Vulcan hand gesture = Shin).

The likes of Plato taught geometry to his chosen students at his academy and unless you understood geometry you were not allowed to enter.

It formed a secret knowledge base restricted to the Priesthoods, albeit geometry was originally taught within early Christianity until it was outlawed under the crime of heresy to keep it as a deep secret for the chosen students and initiates and no longer the general population.

Geometry is the principle of creation and there is no doubt for anyone who has researched the fabric of the universe that it was created, not by the Gods of religion which are simply the planets and planetary worship, but by a supreme mathematical mind and geometer. There is a great difference between the two. The real GOD is the ‘Geometry of Divinity’ (G.O.D).

All geometric shapes can be determined from the circle, the circle is infinity and the divine geometric shape. The circle is the point of origin in geometry and we can see that in all things including the planets of our solar system which are a circle (sphere) and therefore Earth is also a sphere. It would be completely against the principle of geometric creation and its laws and it is even against all common sense for just one planet to be different, it cannot be. Therefore the Earth is not Flat!

Man has within him all that is reflected within the universe. It is the Canon, the proportions of man, the lesser world that reflects the universe that was used as a blueprint for ancient buildings which gave them perfect proportions too. The sacred mean can also be seen in the ratios of the body.

This was expressed within Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, showing the divine proportions of divine man which reflect the divine and perfect proportions of the universe overhead.

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