“I am The Bread Of Life”

In John 6.35 it is stated by Christ (supposedly) that “I am the bread of life”. So what is the connection between bread and life? It is not just the obvious bread is food…

It is not only Christ who is associated in this way and that is hardly surprising when you realise that the bible is really Giza in Egypt, the site of the most famous pyramids.

Osiris (and Isis) are also connected with bread which symbolises the cycle of living and dying grain. It is stated by Osiris (in myth) “I live and grow as Neper (Grain or Corn). Bread and grain are also a spiritual sustenence too. In Egyptian pictures we see Isis fanning life into Osiris (and others) with her wings, as the divine baker who transforms the raw grain into the risen.

Osiris is associated with the divine bread and Isis is associated with the divine lotus bread.

Bread relates to breath, and this is how…

Respiration is a biological process by which energy is made. It is a reaction between glucose (food) and oxygen in the air that we breathe. When we make bread the yeast (living thing) needs to respire to make energy and in order to do so it feeds off the flour and used oxygen to respire and produce carbon dioxide which causes the bread to rise. It is respiration in action. As we inhale and exhale oxygen our bodies resemble bread rising and vice versa, hence the symbolic connection between the bread/breath of life.

In Egypt the sound of air/wind indicates the presence of Amun-Ra who is the god of air/wind and creation.

Any word containing spire relates to breath, expire, aspire, inspire, conspire, et al…Even the word spiritual means to breathe.




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