Jesus Walking On Water – A Fictional Story

Jesus – Did He Walk On Water?

After Christ allegedly fed the 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 fishes in 12 baskets, which is purely astronomy and the Zodiac and never really happened, we are told of another miracle of Christ.

That miracle was walking on water. Astronomically this is really the reflection of the Sunlight on the surface of water, as the heavenly Christ is the solar sun.

But where there is a zodiac story there is also a Zodiacal man story. This is because what happens up there also happens inside our body. Zodiac constellations are aligned to certain body parts such as Virgo (Latin for Virgin) aligning with the solar plexus (Bethlehem) which esoterically gives us the Virgin birth in Bethlehem. Again this story as with all of the others, is just a metaphor and not real.

So Christ walking on water is also a metaphor and didn’t really happen.

A Metaphor is defined as, a figure of speech in which a term or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance.

So Christ walked on water in Bethsaida which means ‘House of Fish’ and it was situated in Galilee. The word Galilee has both a masculine and feminine noun which gives us its real meaning, the true reason this location was biblically used.

The female noun for Galilee is Gulgoleth which means head or skull (skull is also Golgotha, the head). This is the place of consciousness, the Christ consciousness, within the human head/mind.

The masculine noun for Galilee is Gilgal which means wheel, the wheel is the biblical Chariot which is symbolic of the Merkabah which is the vehicle that transports you to higher consciousness.

Gilgal also gives us the modern day search engine Google, for the same reason, consciousness. The wheel (Gilgal) is higher thought.

Jesus above the water, water being symbolic of collective unconsciousness, the spirit that has become unconscious, is again symbolic of higher awareness, higher consciousness, the Christ consciousness.

The bible is a metaphorical book that tells us, at its deepest esoteric levels, the level of the initiate, about our real self-essence.

Those who cannot see further than the children’s stories at its most superficial levels, such as the Sunday service congregations, will never understand its true meaning!

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