May Peace Be With You!

“May Peace Be With You” – A quote heard so many times at Church…

But what is the real truth behind the words and are they simply empty vessels? Yes they are!

So let’s look at how much the Church wants peace!

The Vatican is one of the highest shareholders in Beretta, an arms company and the Church of England is a major shareholder in General Electric (GE) again a company that has a branch that deals in firearms and military equipment.

And not forgetting our knock on the door friends Jehovah’s witnessess who hold a large sharehold in Rand-Cam another company that deals in military equipment.

So when your priests shout peace and love ask them why they bless weapons that will be used to kill someone in support of the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ maybe even later that day?

Words are empty without the appropriate actions and we have money at the helm not peace!

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