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Comedian Stephen Fry once said “If ignorance is bliss then why are there not more people happy”?
Our world functions on such ignorance.
In recent months there has been a new craze in many sports called ‘taking the knee’ which we are told is the stance against racism. Actually this is not the case and again shows complete and utter ignorance.
So what does it really mean?
In Masonic legend the killers of the first Mason, Hiram Abif are named as Jubelo, Jubela, and Jubelum, together described as ‘the Juwes’.
Now take yourself back to the Jack the Ripper killings and the scene of Catherine Eddowes in which on the wall was written the words,
“The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.”…The way in which Juwes is spelt is highly significant.
This tells us that Jack the Ripper was either a Mason or that he had deep masonic knowledge, after all the map layout of the 5 killings shaped the pentagram (5 killings – pentagram = 5)…and the pentagram is the symbol of the mysteries and microcosmic man.
So what does this have to do with taking the knee?
Well when you look at the picture on this thread you will see that Masons have a ritual that depicts them taking the knee over the dead body of Hiram Abiff. It is the resurrection of the masonic master who is reported by them to be the resurrection of the Egyptian god Osiris.
So the whole scene is a masonic ritual of a death-rebirth cycle, a spiritual transformation. An imitation of such a death-rebirth which is the spiritual rebirth of self.
Hiram is really Hi-Ram which is the higher mind (Aries = Lamb of God). Hiram was killed at the temple of Solomon (Mind) for not revealing secrets. Taking the knee is the resurrection of Hiram/Osiris and Osiris means ‘Open Eye’ (Pineal gland). One symbol of Osiris is the Obelisk (Phallus which has one eye) but it is more precisely the penis of the mind, the Pineal gland. The eye is also a Masonic and Illuminati symbol, upon the pyramid…
Biblically this is Penial, Pen = penis and EL = Sun (Arabic Sawel)…or Helios. It is the Sun beyond the horizon (Horus) which is code for the biblical Elohim.
So next time you see sports personalities around the world taking the knee, remember that it is their ignorance which enables these with higher facts to take the pee…

2 thoughts on “Meaning Of ‘Taking The Knee’…”

  1. Wow, I knew there was something completely fake about the entire “taking the knee” thing in football, but this takes it to another level.

    In my studies I always believed that the Freemasons initially were on the side of good for humanity, I am not so sure anymore. My guess is that they were infiltrated at some point and their wisdom now used for selfish purposes, and downright evil most often.
    Could please elaborate on what you think the meaning of “The Juwes are not the men that will be blamed for nothing.” for me please Michael.

    Thank you so much for sharing all that you do.
    Best wishes.

    1. Hi Ben, the Juwes (as written on the wall of the Eddowes Ripper Killing) are Jubilah, Jubilo and Jubilum the killers of Hiram Abiff, the first Mason, who was slain (according to their legend – although I find it is metaphorical) at the entrance to Solomon’s temple because he wouldn’t disclose masonic secrets… This makes Jack the Ripper a freemason.


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