More One On One Skype Chat Feedback

Hello Michael

Thanks for the brilliant chat yesterday; actually it was a tutorial for me, as listening to you speak on the topics we explored was inspiring and encouraging.

I think that, due to your benevolence and willingness to share, we are all benefiting from your experiences and the years of research and study that you have invested in this work.

Michael; you kindly gave well over and above the agreed time limit for the call and I received far more than I was scheduled to; thanks for being so dedicated to helping me understand and ensuring that I had ample opportunity to ask any questions I needed to.

You answered everything I inquired about with clarity, depth and breadth of knowledge and, what stands out for me is the way you listened intently to everything I said, explaining in detail and giving me a rich learning experience that I will savour.

I have followed your work with enthusiasm for a long time and have directed many others to experience the treasure trove of your esoteric knowledge and wisdom.

It is such a pleasure to have had this chance to talk with you and I look forward to speaking with you again in the future.

I’m reading your work with great relish and thoroughly enjoying everything!

Thank you so much Michael.

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