Mother Mary Is Really Lucifer

It is safe to say that the world is not what you think it is. But how many really know the extent and depth of the duping that they have been fooled by for hundreds and thousands of years? I will go into more detail over the coming weeks regarding the content of today’s article which is really just a thought provoker!

You see the god of the bible is actually Saturn/Satan and this entity (planetary energy) is worshipped throughtout the world under the guise of other belief systems. The Romans and Jewish religious leaders contrived Hebraic Typology in order to fool the un-initiated so that only the chosen would understand the true meanings of the allegorical literature. The Levites, which means Leviathan/serpent, based in Rome, fooled the Jewish into believing certain literal falsity and that later became Christianity too. The only unfiltered Jewish literature is the dead sea scrolls and I believe that I have found their hiding place within Rosslyn chapel, Scotland. All other writings were filtered by the Roman priests.

Satan is the dragon or the serpent which is Jehovah/Yawheh as well as Allah and other gods of the numerous world religions. The female aspect of Satan is Lucifer (Venus) which is Mother Mary, yes did you know that the beloved Mother Mary is actually Lucifer. Lucifer is also called Helel (shining one) which derives from Yalal which means wail/cry. This could then lead us to the Wailing wall of Jerusalem which is really the ruins of a Roman Fort and not sacred at all (Fort Antonia – Mark Anthony). So when Jews wail at the wall and pray (pray derives from serpent) rocking back and forth (Davening) they are mimicking copulation with Lucifer. Fort Atonia was a temple for Venus (Lucifer).

The Luciferian invocation states ” Cry for him, that he has fallen for you”…so wailing at the wall is crying for Lucifer’s fall.

The Pope (Patriarch) derives from Oyeb which means adversary, the name given to Satan, the opposer of Christ (Solar Sun). On the Pope’s throne and triple crown are the words in Latin “Vicarius Filii Dei” which means ‘Instead of the son of god’. It now begins to make sense. The black robes of priests and the likes of the black robes of Judges indicate the Saturnalian brotherhoods! Saturn is the god of law!

Satan tempts man through the woman and the woman is seen as the false system of beliefs hence the bride of the Church which is also false teachings, the whore of Babylon. “The voice of the woman is the hiss of the snake” – St Anthony. It goes deeper but in essence woman are not well regarded by the high priests. Bride derives from Kala which means shut up/ restrict.

And this is just a few bullet points of what will follow soon…

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