New World Order…

Novus ordo seclorum:

What if I was to say that everything that you learn, everything you thought was true, everything you see on TV and everything that you read in your newspapers was part of a deliberate cover-up of truth?

What if I was to say that a group of individuals at the helm of the planet have a grand plan called ā€˜Social Engineeringā€™ to manipulate the global populations view and experience of reality, would you believe me?

What if I was to say that the current bombardment of Homosexuality and Transgenderism the world over was not the liberalism of the human rights of those groups but was actually part of a master plan to destroy the family unit and the abolition of family ties, would you believe me, and that there was no hate or homophobia in my viewpoint, just fact?

And what if I was to say that communism and alike was merely a smoke screen to harness the working classes into a globalisation plan by Zionist bankers, but was controlled from the same strings, therefore making Russia and America allies not enemies behind the curtain?

ā€œWorld events do not occur by accident. They are made to happen, whether it is to do with national issues or commerce, most of them are staged and managed by those who hold the purse stringā€ ā€“Statement made by Denis Healey, former British secretary of Defence:

The whole world is under the control of a group of Zionist bankers and Satanist Kabbalists who are known as the ā€˜Illuminatiā€™ and they are descendants of the famous Knights Templars.

The famous Oscar statue is also a Knights Templar, Oscar meaning sac-or, sack of Gold and the red carpet is symbolic of their genetic Bloodline families. We are ruled by a Frankism agenda stemming from illuminati financed Jacob Franks.

All illuminati are freemasons but not all freemasons are illuminati. The masonic lodges are nurseries and those who are corruptible or blackmail-able will be allowed to rise into and know about the true plan, the rest will remain within their lodges at the lower levels believing that they have reached the highest!

If you wish to control what people know or the information that they have access to you simply buy up the news agencies. In London, for example, the press operate from Fleet Street and fleet means under the same control/ownership.

The world is being steered towards a ‘Novus ordo seclorum’ a New World Order of Globalism with its world capital in Jerusalem, the Holy Lands of the Knights Templar conquests and liaisons with Kabbalist groups, the Cabals.

The human mind, according to George Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel a 19th century German philosopher, cannot understand unless things are split into polar opposites such as black and white, left and right and so on, this is known as the ā€˜Hegelian Dialect.

Therefore when we see such things as the Republican and Democratic party in America or a Labour and Conservative party in England people, without knowing, are really referring to a thesis based on this Hegelian dialect and debate is more tuned to differences between the two parties rather than the issues that neither side is discussing, again a smoke screen of diversion.

Another form of Hegelian Dialect is a phrase called Problem, reaction, solution.

It was created in the 19th Century by Hegel to forward a particular agenda and steer a certain global course such as the current fight on terrorism.

When we see and hear of occurrences often on a global scale, but also commonly on a regional scale, just think and consider what is going on in the background behind the scenes and where it is really taking us.

The plan is a secret plan but itā€™s obvious when you can see it and can see through it with enough pieces of the jigsaw.

Your religions, your society, your beliefs, your reality and your life is manipulated by these minority groups who divide you with false teachings to keep you away from the truth.

To understand the moves you must first understand the game!

Best regards
Michael Feeley…

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