Number 33 Is Sacred To The Mystery Schools…

The number 33 is considered the most sacred of all numbers.
33 also plays in concert with 32 as it symbolized transformation. (Ice=32° Water=33°). 33 is wisdom and transformation.

The Schumann resonance is 7.83hz and the human body is 33 octaves above. Jesus died on the cross aged 33 (although this is a metaphor and didn’t really happen) having performed 33 miracles. The word AMEN = 33, there are 33 vertebra’s of the spine, which connect to 33 nervous system groups, on the 33rd mention of Jacob in the bible it details Jacobs ladder which is the spine that has 33 vertebra’s…Jacob had 33 children.

The 33rd vertebrae is called Atlas which then leads us onto the real meaning of the lost city of Atlantis, which is your pineal gland.

There are 33 degrees of freemasonry (publicly known levels that is). We have the major banking systems of the world situated on the 33rd parallel of Earth, JFK was assassinated on the 33rd parallel on 22nd November, 22+11=33, having been shot 3 times. 33 degrees latitude at its intersection with 33 degrees longitude is Mount Hermon (Mount Sion/Zion) where Jesus was illuminated. There are 2012 nautical miles from 0 – 33 degrees longitude which is the Mayan 2012 prophecy of 21st December, 21+12=33.

Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s palace is on the 33rd Parallel.

The Roswell UFO crash of New Mexico occurred on 33rd Parallel, in gemetria New Mexico = 111. 111×3 (number of numbers in 111) = 333.

The queen mother’s time of death was 3.15. That is both hands pointing at the 3, or 33.

The solar year, 365,2422414 gives us 3+6+5+2+4+2+2+4+1+4=33

On Newton’s scale water boils at number 33.

NASA’s Cape Canaveral runway lies on the 33rd degree parallel. The runway the shuttle lands on is named runway #33 and is slanted 33 degrees west of north. NASA = 33

Disneyland is located on the 33rd degree parallel.

The basilica of Saint Peter in Rome counts 33 chapels.

The U.N. emblem contains 33 squares.

King David reigned in Jerusalem for 33 years.

The Towers of Light memorial which stood in place of the Twin Towers after their collapse shown every night between March 11th and April 13th. Exactly 33 days…

I could literally go on all day…

But this is of course just a coincidence!!! 🙂


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