Police Encounters Of The Third Kind…

Take your mind back to the excellent 1980’s movie ‘Close Encounters of the Third kind’ and the plot. Certain people were continually having visions that they couldn’t understand to the point of what they considered their own madness.

A mountain that they made out of mash potato as the visions grew stronger and then the realisation that it was a place, the vision was an invite to go to a certain place at a certain time. A message that had entered their minds like a letter enters a letterbox.

Then the event, they ventured with persistence to the location. A UFO would land and its crew would venture out for this close encounter with mankind.

But is this realistic and could it ever happen? Well yes it is and yes it has, it has happened to myself and my wife and a few friends on one evening.  As former police officers we had already seen numerous craft above us both day and night and had even seen two dimensional gateways opening up before us, both on and off duty. We had also been in the centre of a possible UFO landing on one night duty all of which I have documented in my e-book ‘Police Encounters of the Third Kind’ with photographs.


But this was to be a different experience

When I describe the event as it happened for me it also happened the same for them at the same time with the same calling.

On the run up to the said event, a few nights before, I had the overwhelming desire to go to a set of hills about one hour’s drive from my house. The hills themselves had four monoliths at the summit and gave an excellent vantage point for miles around.

I had such a strong desire to go there, and so did the others involved, all independently of each other and unbeknown to each other until we discussed going there. It was only then that we all realised that we had had the same calling. A personal invite to this location.

So we arranged to meet up and go there in one vehicle together one evening.  I was seeing visions of orbs coming towards me over the hills towards my location from every direction which had started a few nights before.  As we arrived we still had quite a long walk to reach the summit of the hills themselves and reach the monoliths. But we made our way there, no one else other than ourselves were at the summit, we could have been the only occupants of planet Earth such was its stillness.

Once at the summit we all had the mental message to walk from monolith to monolith in an anti-clockwise direction which we did.  It was none verbal communication and seemed telepathic urges prompting us to do as asked, as if we were keys opening or unlocking a door or gateway.

We took many photographs of the area at the time and it was only when we later looked back at them that I saw orbs coming over the hill from every direction, just as I had seen in my vision nights before and leading up to this event!  The orbs circled the monoliths and ourselves and it was my feeling that they were entering a craft above us, again as my visions had indicated.

The whole evening was electric and we were unconsciously working at a different level to the one we ordinarily occupied during a usual and standard night.

This was to be the scene of our own movie, proving that these events and special invitations are not just a figment of the imagination of Steven Spielberg.

It was a night never to be forgotten and it was not to be the only night of experience…

Best regards

Michael Feeley


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