I agree that human genetics has been tinkered with and I am more aware than most of the presence of beings not of this world having both seen them face to face and also unorthodox craft in our skies both day and night.

I have stated many times in my books and presentations that I see an alternative code and message within the likes of the Sumerian scrolls translated by the late author Zecharia Sitchen.

I see a genetic code, which has been overlooked by Sitchen and the multiple universities that have also deciphered a Sitchen type line. It was a literal translation failing to look at the deeper clues.

I have deciphered an ancient code that tells us the same message albeit through multiple different characters from the characters of Christianity to the Gods of the ancient world, but nevertheless I have found their connecting messages which have again been previously missed as a whole picture.

One aspect of the Annunaki story is that when they arrived at Earth they brought with them the satellite known as the Moon. It also states in the same text that when they arrived here they found life on planet Earth!

This cannot be correct for many reasons of which I will now outline just a few of.

The Moon keeps the Earth at a 23.5 degree tilt which keeps her waters/oceans as a liquid and not a solid. This tilt acts as a planetary stabilizer and gives us the four seasons and also a planet inhabiting warmth.

Both the Earth and the Moon have the same Isotopes which are chemical elements and they are the same age. Therefore they were created at the same time in the same region of space that they now occupy.

The Moon is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun therefore gives us the phenomenon of an eclipse. If we divide the circumference of the Sun by that of the Moon and multiply by 100 we get the polar circumference of Earth. The Moon revolves at exactly 100th of the speed that the Earth turns on its axis.

Therefore it is mathematical creation to be that way and the Sun,Earth Moon trinity is amazing. The Moon was not a subsequent addition, it was a deliberate origin of the ‘One Time Beginning’ there from the start of the region of space known as the solar system. The whole universe is an intentional mathematical canvass…

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