The Annunaki – The Real Translation…

To challenge Zacharia Sitchen and the Annunaki is like challenging Christ at a Church or religious convention, and I happily do both!

The fact remains if there is evidence to challenge a story, and in most cases that’s exactly what they are, then that should be presented to others.  Why shouldn’t a lie or a misunderstanding of the real meaning not be exposed?

The Annunaki story has become the shrine of many UFO groups who will fight you with unsavory language should you not subscribe to its version of history.

But for me I see a different version of the Sumerian scrolls than the version translated by Sitchen, a self taught reader of Cuneiform. I would never deny the existence of ET’s, I have personally seen one, I have personally seen a multitude of UFO’s and as a direct result of what I have seen I have been monitored by GCHQ, here in the UK, I have had my phones tapped and my emails removed, copied and returned.  Something is clearly going on!

Recently I posed another view on the whole Alien subject which was, what if we are in fact actually the Aliens and what if we are visiting them, them being what we deem ET’s who may actually be the original inhabitants of Earth? Just what if?  After all there has never been any recorded documentation of the building and construction of the Pyramids of Egypt and around the world  found. Some say they were there before these human cultures arrived, so who put them there?  Those who were here first, what we mistakenly call ET’s.

I  have studied all the famous ancient cultures of Earth, their monuments and their sacred religious scriptures, and I have found a code, a code that is really telling us about ourselves, our own enlightenment and our own consciousness through the genetic workings of the human body.  This is the real purpose of these wonderful monumental structures that are acting as giant replica’s of inner processes and an amplification of the rituals that achieve them.

I see the same message within the Sumerian scrolls, namely a message of human genetics and consciousness.  The Sitchen version tells us that a race of ET’s known as the Annunaki, meaning those who from heaven to Earth came,  visited Earth on their home planet Nibiru (Planet X) which is now in a 3600 year Earth orbit, to mine for Gold which was needed to rectify the dwindling atmosphere on their planet.  They supposedly used the genetics of Homo-erectus to create a slave race that we know of today as Homo-sapiens, our current human form.

Their principle characters were Anu, Alalu, Enki & Enlil amongst others.  But this is my version of the story which completely matches the message of all other ancient cultures of the time.

The whole Annunaki story is really one of fertility, genetics and consciousness.

Let’s start with the phrase giant. Giant is a metaphor for a greater than average insight, a higher consciousness. Anu, who was the chief God of the Annunaki generally means ‘Atom’ or Atom of creation’ and is referencing human fertility and the creation of life.  Enki was the God of water and wanted humans to have knowledge but water is symbolic of collective unconsciousness, spirit that has become unconscious. In fact the Annunaki are also called the Watchers which means ‘Awake or He who is Awake’.

Enlil was the God of wind and air/wind is the power of the mind, the force of intellect and knowledge.  We see many depictions of these Annunaki Gods carrying a Pine-cone which is really the Pineal gland, our master gland, the third eye which is our inner illumination (enlightened consciousness).  We also see them with wings which is a replica of the 2 hemispheres, the 2 lateral wings of the cerebellum within the brain that deals with balance/equilibrium which is essential in our quest for consciousness. These lateral wings are separated by the Vermis which means serpent, which is why these Gods are depicted as serpents. A serpent man is symbolic of the God in Man or the God within us.

The strange watch that is often seen on the wrist of these Gods is the Merkabah, the wheel, the transport that takes you to a higher consciousness, the biblical chariot.  And the strange looking handbag that they usually carry is symbolic of something concealed and hidden, in other words scared knowledge retained for the chosen.

Another character of this story is Enlil’s wife Ninlil who asked the council of 7 to create Eridu (biblical Eden). Eden means body and the Garden of Eden is the human body. The council of 7 are the 7 chakras that are the energy wheels of the human body itself.  The sumerian story of Eridu introduces the characters of Adamu and Tiamat which means sea of primordial creation.  This is the biblical Adam & Eve which is really the story of the Atom (Adam) and Eve (Nuclear fission – extracting the electron from the atom to create other atoms). Electrons have a negative charge which is why Eve was seen as a negative influence on Adam.

They lived in the East of Eden which is referring to the right side of the Brain, the higher consciousness.  The Sumerian scrolls sometimes depict two serpents kissing which is symbolic of the fusion of male and female power, our androgynous consciousness.

In the Annunaki story it is stated that their home planet is Nibiru, which means wondering planet. In Egyptian astronomy the planet Venus is called Neb-Heru and is known as the wondering planet, as every 8 years it orbits in a pentagram shape around the Sun. The pentagram is the number 5 and realized man.

The 3600 year orbit of this planet, whereby they return and mine for Gold, is really talking of the year 3600BC when Egyptian metal-smiths first found and smelted Gold. The search for Gold is referring to alchemical ascension known as the ‘Philosophers Stone’.  The Philosophers stone is inner enlightenment.

The scrolls do however really state that the Annunaki’s home planet is in fact Duku which means ‘Sacred Mound’ and is referring to the Mons Veneris meaning ‘Mound of Venus’ which is the pubic mound, again a reference to fertility. In Sanskrit Venus is called Shukra which means Seminal secretion.

Enki is also associated with semen and fertility.

The Sitchen version states that the Annunaki brought the Moon to Earth’s current orbit but scientifically this could not have been the case and there are example after example that proves this not to be the case. Such as the Moon and Earth have the same Oxygen Isotopes which mean that they originated at the same distance from the Sun and the fact that there are what is known as Tidal Rhythmites on Earth that prove an astronomical induced tidal influence over 2 billion years ago.  The Annunaki were said to have brought the Moon to its current position 450,000 years ago.  There are many other examples too such as mathematics, the Moon being exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the Sun giving us the illusion of an eclipse, amongst many other 400-100 numerical combinations. The solar system is what it is and the Moon was not brought here as an after thought.

Basically without the Moon there is no life on Earth, no seasons, no liquid water and no habitable temperature for life and seeing as the story states that the Annunaki found life upon Earth as they arrived, cannot be correct.

Enki & Enlil were known as the Sheti which means ‘Snake Brothers’. This is referring to the positive and negative serpents of the body the Ida and Pingala nerves and on a much smaller scale the double helix of Human DNA that intertwine like two serpents.

The face on Mars, which the story states is a character called Alulu, who was the supervisor of the Gold mining expedition, is referring to wave genetics that DNA originally starts off as.   Alulu means ‘Waveform’ which DNA changes from to become DNA. The face is sacred geometry and the Golden Ratio, the shape of creation. It is a gigantic message telling us of ourselves and that we are made in the Image of GOD – Geometry of Divinity…

I could have continued giving other examples of what this story means. But in essence it is one of consciousness, fertility (human creation/arrival on the scene of life) and human genetics, considered Royalty in other parts of the universe because of its multiple make-up.

The Annunaki story is a metaphor for these things!

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