The Bilderberg Group – Not Just A Boy’s Club

Masonic boys clubs or more?  Many have their own opinions on the influence of these fraternities, some believe they hold many keys to world policy and events and others feel that they have very little sway at all. But the world has a secret side, a secret level of power and only certain people are allowed into this inner circle of brotherhoods, be it politicians, world leaders or even business leaders and Royalty, every year they meet in apparent secret until the location is revealed by various other groups such as the so-called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’

But you can ascertain a lot from the meaning of a name.

The Bilderberg Group is the ‘Think Tank’ for world direction/policy at the hands of the most richest and powerful and influential people on the planet. As I have said many times Talmudic Judaism is the Zionist agenda for the world under a world system run from the new global capital Jerusalem (Jerusalem meaning Foundation of Salem and Salem was the Cainite Sun-God).

These powerful Zionist individuals have their discussions at the Bilderberg meetings, so let’s analyse the word Bilderberg!

Bilderberg = Bel who was the Phoenician Sun-God (Phoenicia is the modern day Syria that is being attacked now by western forces, it is also a part of the region known as ‘Greater Israel) and the word Bilderberg combined means God of the Mountain and a mountain can represent a dwelling of a holy being/God.

The God of the Mountain is El-Shaddai who is Yahweh and that mountain is ‘Mount Zion’ in Jerusalem; hence Zionist! The world has been infiltrated by Crypto-Jews who have the Zionist agenda in mind, the promised land of Israel, which they believe to be theirs by God right.

And they won’t stop until it is achieved. So, is it any wonder that your Presidents and Prime Ministers are members of groups called ‘Friends of Israel’? Former UK/British Prime Ministers Blair and Cameron (Labour and Conservative) were and the current British Prime Minister Theresa May is a member of CFI, Conservative Friends of Israel. Even the word British derives from B’rith-ish which means ‘Man of the contract’ and that contract is with Yahweh, the Hebrew God. All have to swear allegiance to Israel before taking office, otherwise putting it simply they will never take that office; it is a condition of entry.

The underlying current in all this is an agenda to steer the world to a Zionist outcome, the promised land of Israel. And when we look into just who is invited into these secret meetings we see that they too are of the Zionist club!

Things become much clearer when you just do a little digging. All the world religions, all the secret societies and all the events that are happening on the world stage today originate from this one place, intent on chaos, intent on control by deceit and red herrings that capture our attention so that we never see the full picture.

The intricate web of the brotherhoods continues to be woven and spun as we continue to be the bait glued by the adhesive silk, prey just waiting to be devoured by the 8 legs of Zion.

It may be time to cease being accomplices by virtue of ignorant consent and begin being smart and by being aware that our ship is being steered by an evil wind towards the rocky corals of Zion, that lie hidden out of sight below the surface.

Best regards

Michael Feeley

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