The Godly Court

The Godly Court

There is the mathematical creator, the supreme mathematical mind, and then there are the lesser gods, usually the creation of man to control the masses.

This is the same system here on earth where the King, the Pharaoh or the Queen for example, is closer (in their mind) to the divine, than any other human through secret knowledge and therefore has power over that domain.

The human society mimics the godly court with the Monarch as creator whose subjects are lesser and whose slaves or peasants are lowest in the power structure (so continue to blindly and naively wave your flags of slavery as they laugh at you).

The hierarchical court structure uses names for different roles for people in polar opposites. When a being who is higher on the hierarchy of power interacts with a lower being the true name of the higher must be kept secret to keep the system in balance. This is so that the lesser cannot control the name of the higher otherwise they control them and their domain. This would be an upheaval of power = chaos.

A name is the soul/essence of the person who receives it and it can only be changed if a higher power changes it (Deed Poll).

Egyptian gods and gods around the world both in ancient times and now, the remnants of ancient times, also had secret names to maintain their power. It is a devised system of man, hiding the secret name of god so that we may never connect to it, it being the true creative force.

So do you now know why the likes of the British Monarchy changed their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor?



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