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The majority of people attempt to abide by the law of the land, either through the fear of punishment or their own moral compass. But the whole legal system is not what you think it is, it is full of hidden secrets that even the enforcers of these laws do not know!

For example Police insignia has many hidden symbols and meanings not known to the public or even the police themselves, and i can state that from experience.

But let’s take just one example the police helmet badge, the 7 pointed star, the Heptagram. So what does it really mean?

The Heptagram is the symbol of the Kabbalah (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה ‎‎, meaning “receiving/tradition”) it is the Seal of Babylon, the Binah which means Understanding (bare in mind the police caution which asks at the end “Do you understand” in other words do you stand under?) The Binah is part of the Sephirot, the Hebrew Tree of Life and stands below the Keter meaning Crown.

On the police badge you can see that the Binah is below the Keter (Crown) on the badge itself! a representation of the Sephirot (not to mention the Masonic symbology too).

The world is powered by the fuel we call ignorance and that is perfect for those who control us! All is not what it seems. The 7 points also represent the 7 chakras and the 7 visible planets of the solar system which then takes us to the origins of Religions, astrotheology, with the planet Saturn pinnacle in Judaism.

Saturn is also the God of law and is associated with the colour black, hence why the police wear black uniforms. The words Judge, jury etc derive from Judah (as in the tribe of judah)

Much of our world is controlled by Crypto-Judaism.

Take a little time to look into all things and prepare yourself for a much wider reality.

The Police State:

People often believe that a Police-State is a military style policing system, it is not! A police state is a system where civilians (civilian = of Civil law, which is fixed by custom rather than Natural or Astronomical) have police powers which can be seen now with increasing intensity.

When i see marked police vehicle’s they are often driven by PCSO’s, i see council enforcement officers being given increasing powers of fine’s and enforcement, i also saw the other week civil road enforcement officers requiring motorists to stop at checkpoints. And to top it off chidlren in many schools now are having to provide fingerprints/palm prints to obtain school meals and my local council operate drones in our skies!

We are all Convicts of this legal system by way of being a Victim of a Con! it is no more than a church ecclesiastical system (Reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition, Inquisition = period of prolonged questioning) stemming from Maritime Law and many of the legal terms give this clue. State your Name = NA-ME = No divine law, you are being Prosecuted = Pros-Se-Cutis = Skin, you are representing your own skin (Strawman connotations there)

This stems from Cestie Que Vie Trusts of the Vatican Church (who run maritime law) enforced in the ‘Dock’ by the Bench = Banco = Bank (commerce law) You have been Charged, and a charge relates to money, or even an electrical charge which is a current (Currency)…

Are you in a relation-ship or a business partner-ship or an apprentice-ship? You are referred to as a ship which again stems from maritime law…

Criminal how do you plea? = Cri-men = screams of distress (plea = emotional appeal) Crime = Sinfulness!

I could go on but in a nutshell we are from Birth (Berth, docking station for a ship) to Death, Corpus, a dead entity, a business owned by the state (Vatican Trusts)

We have right of usage but we own nothing, they own it all under their contrived legal system, held in Lex Fori (law of the forum) Roman/Vatican Law (forum = COURTyard where justice and business was addressed).

This is a system put in place so genius and interwoven into the fabric of our reality that those, the minority who see it, are seen by the rest of society as lacking certain minerals when it comes to sanity, the laughing stock to be singled out and mocked and ridiculed and in our recent past even executed as heretics, but heretic simply means to ‘Choose’ and I choose not to fall for it…

In the 1500’s the Roman Catholic church, which is in itself a fake Christian front, created what is known as the Cestie Que Vie trust, in effect placing the whole planet in their control by means of that trust, by a ‘Right of Claim’ never challenged.

Cestie Que Vie means ‘For those who live’

It is symbolised by the ‘Papal Tiara’ the 3 tiered Crown (Vatican Crown). It controls Maritime law which is the law of the land and sea and claims owner-ship (Ship = a sea/water reference) of all persons, property and salt of the Earth.

Even the United States of America is really a corporation acting under Lex Fori (Law of the Forum – which is Roman Law) under the Potus (President) acting as ‘Vassal King’ (holder of land) answerable to the British Monarchy who are themselves answerable to the Vatican. The Pope’s title is Vicarius Filii Dei which means ‘In Place Of The Son Of God’.

They created 3 trusts,

(1) (Unum Sanctum- Crown of the land) When a child is born he/she loses all benefits/entitlements and rights to land upon birth.

(2) (Aeterni Regis – Eternal Crown) When a child is born their birth certificate is sold as a bond (legally enforceable) to the private central bank of the nation of birth and they therefore lose all right to their flesh condemning them to perpetual servitude as a slave.

(3) The 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See:

When a child is Baptised parents are handing over the child’s soul to the Vatican therefore removing the child’s right over their own soul and denying them the right to stand as a person only a creature/thing without soul (Lost at sea) which is called ‘Gift of Title of the soul’ the ‘Baptismal Certificate’ which is then held in the Vatican vaults.

And without legal title over your own soul you will be denied legal standing and will be treated as things––cargo without souls––upon which the BAR is now legally able to enforce Maritime law…

The whole legal system is enforcing these trusts and our courts are enforcing Ecclesiastical/Cannon law as they did in the Spanish Inquisition, this also refers to both Maritime law and also Astronomy but that’s for another day.

The world and its systems are not as they seem and I hope that this article has in some way lifted a part of the deceptive veil that encircles us all, but with every person that learns this a new particle of change sweeps across the planet and a small link of a gigantic chain of servitude is eroded from us all.

Michael Feeley…

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