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If like me you grew up as a teenager in the 1980’s with movies such as the Goonies, Treasure Island and others or even if you’re from a more modern era with the likes of Pirates of the Caribbean you will be aware of the thieves of the high seas, the Pirates.

The search for treasure marked on the famous treasure map the finder of which would be guaranteed the accumulation of riches.  The parrot on their shoulder, the eye patch covering one eye and the wooden ship showing the flag of death, the skull and crossbones.

The skull and cross bones are a symbol of death, or at least this is the most understood meaning of this symbol but what if that death was the death of the ‘Old Testament’ that marked the birth of a ‘New  Testament’?

And by testament I refer to its actual meaning of body and mind!  So what if this whole creation of the pirate and their symbols was actually telling us something deeper, so deep in fact that we cannot see it because it is referring to the most neglected aspect of life, which is ourselves?

The skull and crossbones are also associated with secret societies and by virtue of this fact it has a hidden meaning.

I have over the last several years, but more concentrated over the past 12 months, delved deep into the world of the esoteric, particularly ancient cultures.  I have found that they all portrayed a message and that message was one of self-enlightenment, reached by the magic of their monuments which show us how they did it.

It was an advanced knowledge that has stood the test of time.

So with this in mind I can see a clear connection in the whole pirate philosophy and here’s how.

For the religious people out there especially Christians, their Christ was crucified in Golgotha, the place of skulls and there’s the first clue.  The skull, or head, is where the Christ consciousness exists.

I have explained in my books that the Christ, or more to the point the Christ seed, is crucified on the cross which is the Optic Chiasm (known as the crossing) inside the brain, where ‘X’ marks the spot and of course ‘X’ also marks the spot on a Treasure map.

Crucified also means to subdue one’s appetite which leads us into the realm of sexual sublimation and celibacy.  So there we have the skull and crossbones, the symbol of Osiris in Egypt and the pathway to Christ consciousness within the mind which is the hidden meaning of this symbol.  The covering of one is symbolic of either the eye of Horus or Isis (Right eye is Horus, Left eye is Isis) and the eye patch holds relevance to this.

Spiritually, in animal symbology, the Parrot represents the immense power of our inner mind, which again is connected to consciousness, thought being the prerequisite to manifestation and conscious connection to the higher realms.

So what about the hidden treasure?

Treasure most prominently, is Gold and Gold is connected to enlightenment and also the Sun which aids our enlightenment, but we need to find it, we need to dig and retrieve what is within and find the treasure, or in other words, the collection of wisdom held within our skull and its third eye system.

And when we read the Treasure Island story we hear about the ‘Black Spot’.

The Black Spot is a literary device invented by Robert Louis Stevenson for his novel Treasure Island. In the book, pirates are presented with a black spot.

When we again go back to ancient Egypt they had a Black Dot called the ‘Aten’ which is their representation of the Bindi in Hinduism and it locates the Pineal gland, a part of our inner consciousness, the third eye.

So there’s my take on the whole scenario of pirates, they are of course real, but when we look into the world of symbology a different language is often being spoken.

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