The Meaning Of The Heads Of Easter Island…

Easter Island is Chilean island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean that houses the famous monolithic stone heads. They are unusual and their appearance is a perplexity for many scholars and researchers.

I have however deciphered a blueprint that answers this and many ancient mysteries as all of the ancient cultures and civilizations have encoded the same message within their monuments.

It matters not whether those monuments are stone circle monoliths, the many pyramids around the world (and beyond Earth) or gigantic stone heads, the message is the same, only the shape of the monuments ever changed, not their meanings.

So what does Easter Island mean and what is its hidden secret message?

Easter Island is about spiritual consciousness, which is a higher awareness and a higher thought. The heads are energy emitters known as ‘Negative Green’ which facilitate resonance with the higher realms. They are radio waves that carry information.

Moai, the name of the monolithic figures, means to listen, it is telling us to give attention to sound which in itself carries consciousness waves, such as ultrasound waves that are spherical waves (this has relevance to Stonehenge).

The statues are 33 feet tall and the number 33 is the the hertz frequency of Christ consciousness and this inner solar force is developed in 33 degrees at different octaves (hence 33 degrees of freemasonry). 33 has many other energetic power attributes too.

The heads of Easter Island all face East (Easter) which is relevant as in cardinal points East represents enlightenment/illumination (hence why the Sphinx of Egypt also faces East). The face represents the essence of human creation and design namely the Golden Ratio/Golden Section.

When you see the bodies of the monoliths you can see that their hands point towards the Naval. This is symbolic of inner transformation and the key to the soul.

It is reported that there are 1000 heads on Easter Island which represents the 1000 petaled flower of the crown chakra (Buddha symbol) which again is enlightenment.

This, as with the many ancient mystical monuments, is secretly telling us of our own inner potential and our own inner God-state.

Our bodies, just like the monoliths, are receiver and transmitter antennas that connect the Earth to the sky.

The ancients understood that connection, a connection that has been lost by the modern era.

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