The Meaning Of Thoth…

The Egyptian God Thoth and the baboon and hieroglyphs (there are of course other codes too)

They are a coded way of telling us about consciousness and the transition from matter (this realm) to the unified field (wave) of pure awareness and consciousness of the quantum field of the universe. The transition of man from matter to energy.

When you interact with the unified field your brain changes and it carves a neurological path from your thinking brain straight to your autonomic nervous system. The brain is activated by a greater energy that carries a specific information in the form of thoughts and imagery.

The Egyptian God Thoth is really code for ‘Thought’, the baboon is the ‘Olfactory Tract’ of the autonomic nervous system, which you can see as the brain is examined, and hieroglyphs are the informational imagery of the higher energies of the unified field!

This message stretches the whole of the ancient world in other guises…in other depictions of the same message!

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