The Moon Is A Sphere…

2000 years ago the Greeks saw the Earth’s shadow upon the Moon during a Lunar eclipse and knew that the Earth was a sphere.

Moon in Greek means measure. They saw a curved shadow on the Moon during such an eclipse. The Earth is perfectly situated between the Sun and Moon and the different Moon shapes that we can see are a result of the Earth blocking the path of light of the Sun, which travels in a straight line and will continue to do so unless exerted upon by a force (Newton’s first law of physics).

So when the Earth is not between the Sun and Moon we have a full Moon and sometimes we can see Earth’s blockage on the crescent Moon and so on, depending on its exact position at that time.

The Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun and is exactly 400 times closer to Earth than the sun, pretty amazing precision. And this 400 mathematics doesn’t end there either!

We can only ever see one side of the Moon from Earth due to ‘Tidal Locking’. Diurnal liberation gives the observer a perceived prospective caused by the changing angle at which we view the Moon as Earth rotates.

When a ship approaches the horizon, the hull disappears from sight before the sail, because the Earth is curved.

We can see Earth’s magnetic grid evidenced in the likes of the Northern lights and that electromagnetic grid is caused by the two poles pushing against each other. This in combination with Earth’s rotation creates her magnetic field by creating a fluid current/electrical current in Earth’s liquid metal core called the ‘Dynamo Effect’ and the liquid convects inwards and outwards.

Without rotation there is no magnetic field. If Earth’s spin slowed down to zero we would then rotate the other way and magnetic North and magnetic South would be interchanged and this is called ‘Geomagnetic Reversal’.

Have you ever tried standing up on the waltzers or a roller-coaster when you are in full spin? You can’t, and that is gravity pinning you down by rapid rotation, just like people and objects are pinned down on Earth’s surface. Newton gave this gravitational constant the equation F=G M1. M2/R2.

We also have a phenomenon called the 19.5 degree effect which dictates that violent acts of nature, such as a tornado, takes a 19.5 degree angle North or South of the equator on all spinning bodies of the solar system.

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