The Mystery Of The Elongated Skulls…No Longer A Mystery

I like many others have seen the TV documentaries of people with elongated skulls, found in ancient graves at ancient burial sites near to or at famous locations. Theories of Aliens always the top of the list! Someone once commented to a post of mine regarding elongated skulls in Egypt and told me that it was just an African cultural thing and nothing more. Well if it is an African cultural event why have elongated skulls also been found at Stonehenge in the UK and in Arkai in Russia and even Peru?

As I have said many times previously the ancient world have left us the same message regardless of where in the world it began its culture, Whether that be in Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, South America, Maya, UK et al.

The elongated skulls have a more advanced scientific answer and that science is sound/sonics. In fact it is sound-alchemy which is reaching enlightenment by the use of frequencies. And this is how.

Cone/elongated skulls have a more dynamic sound effect and an enhanced spectrum in the frequency dimension.

The upper shafts of the Great pyramid were designed as receivers of the lowest frequencies of intrasound, 0.5hz. Loud infrasound operates between 0.5hz – 10hz and infrasound simply means inaudible to the human ear. This was at the precise place that the shafts opened, affecting the transmission of sound waves.

The air-shafts of the Great pyramid were harmonic dimensions that specify wavelengths and store sound-waves. They were in effect an acoustic resonance system for genetic enhancement and consciousness balancing. They were able to place babies into the shafts at the place the shafts opened up into the upper chamber.

This cranial augmentation was caused by a fetal gestation and natal bio-rhythmic entainment (alignment of sound).

Infrasonic stimulation causes genetic enhancement and a tri-thalamic entainment, which is the three parts of the third eye, pineal gland, pituitary gland and the thalamus, Isis, Osiris and Horus in Egyptian Gods.

They were a DNA and nativity chamber that connected and stabilized the biorhythms of mother and child at separation at birth. It was gestational entainment techniques under the Great pyramids magnetic umbrella.

Even the dimensions of the Sarcophagus are calibrated to the heartbeat of a newborn child.

So there you have it, the elongated skulls are as a result of sound techniques ritualistically practiced at these ancient sites!



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