The Real Reason For CV19 Lockdown – This Will Shock You!

People think that they are free, well the CV19 plandemic has highlighted just how wrong they were. The click of government fingers and the world is under house arrest, which is what it is, not lockdown.

So what is the real reason for it?

It is the governments plan to transform government and civil service and to destroy/take over businesses.

I received with great interest today leaked documents (via UK Column) from a high ranking civil servant within government and it has confirmed my suspicions of the real reason for lockdown which I have stated with confidenceĀ  several times, stating that it is not about a virus but something else entirely. What I have discovered from this document is that this farce is the use of ‘Applied Behavioural Psychology’ and a common purpose ideology with future leaders operating outside of authority (As is Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson currently). The terms used in this email are terms used in this secret document.

It is the ‘Big Society’ or the change in society whereby lockdown is an opportunity to ‘Repurpose’ and government debt caused by lockdown is the chance to re-invent society (seen as the opportunity of a lifetime).

Boris Johnson is coercing the UK public to accept CV19 and house arrest (which is what it is). SAGE (scientific advisory group for emergencies) who deal with behavioural science have stated that it was always the intention to lock away the elderly. It is government controlled persuasion and state manipulation of public behaviour to cause a ‘Perceived threat’ to cause fear.

They state “The perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased amongst those who are complacent using hard hitting emotional messaging. To be effective this must empower people by making clear the actions they can take to reduce the threat”. This of course includes informing on neighbours etc which are the actions that the government want them to take.

I also wish to bring to your attention a document called ‘Apease’ which states that the government is to use the media to increase a sense of personal threat. They used an evaluation grid for options to rapidly increase general social distancing. It is government controlled ‘Social disapproval’ stirring up communities against each other and people against people (mask wearers and none mask wearers for example).

This big society that is being strived for is caused by lies which is the agenda of fear to enhance effectiveness of applied behavioural psychology on the population to bring in a ‘Repurposed’ society, economy, government and constitution.

There was another aspect to the report too called ‘Mindspace. This was influencing behaviour through public policy whereby citizens (Roman term) may not fully realise that their behaviour is being changed or how it is being changed.

Members of the current government deserve the noose…

I have personally felt from the very start that this virus was merely a cover and my feelings of this have only increased day after day, as I watch the story and script unfold…

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