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The story of the Anunnaki is just that, a story. It represents the transmutation of human genetics through sexual alchemy. It is telling us of our higher potential through inner means. It is telling us a story by pictures. The story is too long to detail here and give it true justice, but here is a brief summary.

In Sanskrit Anu means atom/atomic and Nakin means heaven/sky therefore Anunnaki means atoms from the sky, which is really humanity as our DNA was programmed beyond Earth and our physical bodies are created by the triple alpha effect in the Orion nebula.

Anu meaning atom is also the chief god of the Anunnaki.

We are told that in 1953 Crick & Watson discovered the double helix of DNA however this was demonstrated within the characters of Enki & Enli, the sheti meaning snake-brothers many thousands of years ago. It was also known by the writers of the bible, who told us within the book of Genesis which translates as the book of Genetics/book of Genes.

DNA double helix = a positive and negative polarity of opposite twist which is the positive serpent (Enki) and the negative serpent (Enlil).

Another character is Alalu and Alalu means wave genetics.

Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves to affect the genes in DNA.

DNA begins as a waveform, pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves create microscopic gravitational forces that pull in atoms and molecules from their surrounding environment to construct DNA. Wave-Genetics = electromagnetic fields that hold electrons in their orbit around the nucleus of an atom.

In the Akkadian language (which includes Sumer) Nibiru means crossing or point of transition.

Nibiru also known as planet X is really referring to X-Chromosomes, sex determining genes which could then lead us again onto sexual alchemy, as demonstrated throughout religion and the great pyramid of Egypt. We are told that Planet X has a 3,600 year orbit around Earth.

3,600 is written in Sumerian as a large circle and the epithet of planet also meant perfect circle or completed circle. The perfect circle is unity/wholeness and infinity, referring to our own divinity.

The Sumerian King list indicates this as their time of rule was all multiples of 3,600. A cycle is a natural division of both time and space into 360. The circle is completeness which encompasses all space and time.

It is divinity surpassing the rational mind.

Orbit is an orb which is a circle therefore the 3,600 year orbit of Planet X is really a 360 degree circle. Chromosomal crossover/crossing over is the exchange of genetic material (planet X = X Chromosomes). X-chromosomes are sex determining chromosomes and the Anunnaki headdress (shown in the Anu picture on this post) indicates the phallus, or the Thalamus.

The Thalamus is an erectile stimulus. The Thalamus (Greek for chamber) (Thalami) is the middle part of the diencephalon through which sensory impulses (nerve communication) pass to reach the cerebral cortex. Diencephalon = regulation of breathing/swallowing. Penile erection is a stimulant of the Thalamus which is a gate for sexual information from the spinal cord to the higher centers. Various parts of the Thalamus activate during erection. (again sexual alchemy, as with Eridu’s version of Eden’s Eve, Tiamat which means primordial waters of creation)

In Gemetria (numerical value of words/letters) planet X = 552 and the three letter of the word DNA = 114. 552+114=666 which is man! (within Carbon there are 6 neutrons, 6 electrons and 6 protons). Man is the so-called Carbon footprint.

I could continue and prove scientifically that the Anunnaki is a story and that they did not, as claimed, bring the Moon to Earth’s orbit. The Earth and moon rotate around each other – there is a component between them approximately 1/3 of the distance from the Earth to the moon acting as a pivotal point.

The Earth and moon rotate around this pivotal point in a helical pattern as they move around the Sun. They were created in the area of sky that they now occupy. The Moon was not brought here by the Anunnaki. The scientific evidence also continues in other ways too.

Sitchen has given the world a translation, but like many scholars who have translated the bible, it has been misinterpreted. It is the story that is being taught and not the underlying theme, which is where the true story hides!

The Anunnaki story is one of genetic transmutation illustrated by fictional Gods…

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