The Secret Light (The Void)

The Secret Light (The Void)

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I am the first cause, I am the universal mind which created effect and that effect is duality. I am now a reflection of that first cause and so are you…

That reflection is darkness into light, not a new age light, but a visible electromagnetic radiation.

Some will say that consciousness only exists in the brain, if that were true, and it isn’t, then only a very small part of the universe would be conscious. The fact that particles can choose their state is a display of awareness, and is proof enough that this is incorrect.

The universal mind (first cause) is an intelligent energy force that we are all connected to, we are eternal beings that are part of this electromagnetic energy (field of intelligent consciousness) and consciousness itself is a universal force that flows through everything and we are the receivers of that consciousness.
The body is an intermediary between consciousness and the external world; it is a vehicle for consciousness to grow itself.

Consciousness is the fifth universal force in addition to the strong force, weak force, gravity and electromagnetism, all of which are a duality.

The mind is the element that allows awareness of self and beyond self.

The void of darkness, the original state, reflected itself as light, its opposite state, from secret light to visible light. The void of origin is a place of matter and the absence of light (visible light) and is the place of pure consciousness and differentiated reality.

When we first look within we find darkness, but as our inner eye adjusts to the darkness of mental space within, that darkness gives way to inner light. That inner light illuminates a mental world of emptiness and that inner emptiness expands and the light illuminates more brightly, it is the self-illuminated void.
The nothingness (no-thing) becomes the lighted void (something = some-thing).

The universe is the dark room where you only see the inner light. All is an object within consciousness and therefore the object is consciousness itself.

All form rises from the void and returns to the void.

We exist within this void and also the universal mirror symmetry where distant mathematical universes appear to reflect each other exactly. All is reflection symmetry of opposites and this mirror symmetry is called duality. Next time you look in the mirror you will see a flipped image of yourself, the opposite way around to what others see when they look at you!

We all reflect each other and are mirrors for each other…


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