The Secret Of The Star Of David…

If you ask people what the Star of David represents they would most likely say polarity, male and female and they would be right. But it also holds a mathematical and alchemical secret not widely known, taking the answer to that question much deeper.

That secret is congruent prime numbers that hide a significance Hebrew date.

In mathematical terms the Star of David contains the first four prime numbers, 2,3,5,7 which give us a formula of 2*3*5*7 which is really 2x3x3x5x5x7=3150.  This can also be written as such: 6 15 35 as 2×3=6, 3×5=15 and 5×7=35, 6x15x35 also equals 3150.

But why 3150?

3150 BCE is when the region we know as Canaanite came into existence and when according to Jewish faith God told them that this would be the promised land of Israel…

This is therefore a sacred date…hidden within a religious symbol.

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