The Secrets Of The Vatican – The Lost Book Of St Thomas…

In 325AD Emperor Constantine decided what the people would believe and either edited or removed at least 45 books from the bible.  He made the decision as to what the people would know and what they would follow.

One such lost/removed book was the Gospel of St Thomas, but why?  Many people would have heard of the ‘Law of Attraction’, it was a best-selling self help book.  However this has origins in the Gospel of St Thomas.

The Church wanted dominion over the masses and in order to do so they created outside influences to be feared whereas the Gospel of St Thomas tells you that you have supreme reign over your own life, so it had to be removed.  The Church didn’t want people to know that they all have Christ powers.   This removal denied people the riches they deserved.  In order to retrieve these riches, as described in the law of attraction,  you must speak the language of the matrix, and the instructions on how to do so is contained within ancient texts, therefore they were deliberately removed or edited to hide its secrets.

You must speak to the field (divine matrix) in the way it recognizes, which creates Electromagnetic waves. You must be surrounded, in other words, feel as if it is already here and that you are already living the reality you want to live.  The gospel of St Thomas was a connection to this consciousness.

When we have elevated emotions (energy in motion) we up-regulate our genes in what is called epigenetic change. Most people’s energy is directed and focused on their outer material world leaving little energy for their inner world (“The kingdom of God is within you”) to create a new reality.

We have neurological mapping for everything we do so unless we create new circuits we get stuck in the past and our future will also be the past, we are in effect stuck between the familiar past and the predictable future.  Where we place our attention is where we place our energy.  We are deliberately kept in a fight or flight situation so that we put all of our attention on matter and material things of the outer world.

By weakening the bonds with past-present reality we find ourselves in the present moment and only in the present moment can we recall our energy back to us (symbolized in ancient Egypt by the two Akeru Lions between the Sun).

The Church and those behind it understand this, and they understand how we work and how to manipulate our reality.  Instead of telling people how sacred they are and to concentrate on their inner world (within) they choose to divert their attention without where false icons exist, but not divinity.

The belief systems that are taught to the masses are nothing less than a deception to create an outer world distraction, keeping them away from their own inner divinity, the real identity of Christ!

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  1. This iknowledge you have discovered is awesome. i always knew we were kept and are kept in the dark about many things that should and must be ours and mot just theirs… Many paths to the Same God… man made religions destroy ones freedoms and keep us in a group as sheep not ever allowing us to evolve into what we’re always meant to be according to Gods Universal Law… The Bible thankfully still includes a verse that basically says; when you pray, believe that you have already received what you request from God and you will receive it. I was totally unaware that 45 or so Chapters of the Bible were purposely removed or left out because the Elite wants to lock us down spiritually… God blesses you Michael…

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