The Show Of Hands…

I sit at my desk manifesting the abstract concept into pictorial existence in the form of a chronological order.

The slides, the words, the information birthed into a talk, the memory stick is awake and contains the sacred knowledge ready to be passed on to an audience, somewhere and sometime not yet arranged, but eagerly pending to be revealed.

Talk now arranged I board the car, satnav ignited and I’m on my way to a venue to speak to a crowd who would be gathering soon, how many would be unknown for a few hours yet.

The excitement is building the butterflies wish to fly but are caged in my stomach, but their presence as always is felt.

I am at the venue, I found it and made it in good time and it’s almost time to start.

Empty seats awaiting a passenger for the short journey into mystery and I wonder who will be sitting there and what life they have travelled with and brought with them this evening.

The audience arrives and the host gives the welcome and introduction to my talk ‘The Ancient Code’

I start with my background in law enforcement and some stories not usually heard in the public arena which then leads me onto my own paranormal events in detail the reason I am standing there this evening.  I have 17 years of investigative training dealing with evidence and finding a link and I have found many.

Then I decipher the codes of the world’s religions, who and what the characters were and what they are really telling us in a way totally missed by the masses.

I then decipher Stonehenge, the Sumerian scrolls and the King Arthur story and I connect them all by revealing a hidden code, but I’m still building up to the best part, Egypt!

Now  for me my favourite part of the whole talk, the ancient Egyptians and their pyramids, Sphinx and their Gods. What did they know and what are they telling us.


I am now about to reveal all to the audience and I know that they’ll be amazed as I was.

Now the conclusion a mathematical link between the monuments of Earth and planet Mars and the realisation that we are not alone, never have been and still are not!

It has been over 2 hours of each and every life experience as those who attended sat through several hours of information that has been deliberately hidden from us all, until now that is

Thank you all for joining me and if you have any questions I’ll be around for a little while!

The impression made, the knowledge passed down each aisle, acting as a linear line

So if you’d like your audience to hear the same knowledge and information please drop me a line and I’d be more than happy to see you there!


Best regards





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