Time Is Real

Many say that time is an illusion and that it doesn’t exist. We look at a clock each and every day, many times, and we see a numerical representation of a duration of existence.

Many say that beyond Earth time doesn’t exist either.

The likes of Einstein stated that time is the fourth dimension, noting that time is inseparable from space.

Well, time does exist and it also exists beyond Earth! And this is how.

The universe is mathematical code, everything adheres to number sequences that are not deviated from.

Time is also mathematics and therefore exists, that is why Einstein possibly proclaimed that time cannot be separated from space, they are interlinked.

Time is a measure of the interval between two events, measured in seconds. The second is defined by the electronic transition of the Cesium atom. The Cesium atom has the vibration of the second.

When we look at the atomic clock, which is a microwave/electron transition frequency within the Electromagnetic spectrum of atoms, we see hyper-fine (small) transitions.

The second is 1/60th of a minute, 1/3600th of an hour or 1/86400 of a day and so on.

We measure time by the oscillations of the Cesium atom at zero magnetic field, which gives us the second, the basis of time.

Time relates to this Cesium measurement and Time is mathematical.

Even nature, namely the fertilization event is timed to mathematical certainty.

After fertilization, the cells in the zygote divide rapidly to form a morula, which becomes the embryo after approximately five days. The fetus is present about eight weeks after the fertilization takes place.

After fertilization, the zygote begins to divide rapidly. Twenty-four hours after fertilization, the zygote contains two cells, and three days after fertilization the zygote has 16 cells and is called a morula. The cells continue to divide and form a hollow bundle called a blastocyst.

The blastocyst implants in the endometrium, and the cells begin to form the embryo.

The embryo is present at five to six days after the zygote is fertilized. The embryo is a clump of cells inside the formerly hollow blastocyst, and is surrounded by the trophoblast. The trophoblast contains cells that direct hormone production and implantation.

After the embryo forms, the cells form the embryonic disk. The embryonic disk begins to fold, allowing the cells within the disk to touch other cells.

The cells then start forming each of the bodily systems. For example, the organs and nervous system begin to develop at this stage. After approximately three weeks, each of the cells in the developing embryo are part of one of the developing systems in the body. After eight weeks, the embryo becomes a fetus.

This is programmed time, genetics are timed to activate at certain points, this is time as we know it. It is time and mathematics as one, set to activate after a certain duration has passed!

And since atoms are 99.9999999999999% empty space we can see a time-space continuum within our genetic code.

Time truly exists and as the universe is mathematical both are intrinsically linked and inseparable.

This is only one of many examples.

For as long as the universe continues to expand time will continue to exist. And if there was to be another universal Big-Bang then we would be part of another time-line…



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