Moses was yet another famous character of the Bible, he was found in a basket, adopted and raised. He challenged the Pharaoh of Egypt and he led the Israelite’s across the desert sands for 40 years.

He fed the Israelite’s with Mana bread, parted the red sea, faced God at the burning bush and was given the 10 commandments which he brought down from Sinai to tell his people about Gods laws.

Not a bad life for an individual to be involved in. But with Moses, as with many of the other famous biblical characters such as Noah, Mary Magdalene, Mary and Joseph, Jonah and the Whale and even Jesus himself, I have a different interpretation of their true identity and it is not what the bible is telling you.

In fact the writers of the bible and such scriptures are deliberately keeping their true identities from us all.

I have deciphered a code that spans throughout the ancient world and even extends deep into the bible itself, I have discovered a ‘Bible Code’ that tells us who these characters really were and what they really represent…

That esoteric secret is human genetics and human consciousness.

Moses, meaning drawn from the water, is really the protective membrane around our cells called the ‘Fluid Mosaic Membrane’ and Mosaic means Moses.

The Mana bread referred to is really Prana which is a human photosynthesis where the body changes sunlight into a chemical energy, the Thylakoid cells deal with this aspect within the body and the Israelite’s are really the cells of the body. The 40 years is significant as the number 40 has the power to lift you to a spiritual state (consciousness)…

The legendary burning bush is the illumination of the Pineal gland at the point of Kundalini awakening , the energy of fire, a liquid fire that activates our awakening.

Mount Sinai has alternative meanings such as ‘Har Bessen’ which means with the teeth. In other words Moses was nourished by celestial food, which is knowledge, as are all of us during the Kundalini awakening of our Pineal gland.

The death of the first born, the plagues of Egypt, the parting of the red sea, the Egyptian army being crushed by the waves, et al, are all metaphors for human genetics and I have attributed this to all of the most famous of characters and stories in my new book ‘The Ancient Code – A Serpent Fire’…

It goes extremely deep and my discoveries are unique, no one else is looking at these and many of the ancient mysteries such as the Pyramids of Egypt with the same or a similar viewpoint.

I have found a code that connects all of the ancient civilizations…

Why not learn what the priesthoods don’t want you to know?

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