Why Did Jesus Die Aged 33?

Numerology and numbers evoke a certain power, evoke a certain energy. Numbers are the universal language and are therefore used by many who understand the game.

Creation itself is full of numerical sequences…from the small insects on Earth to the giant Nebula’s of space, nothing is without a numerical pattern…

As usual their understanding of numbers is a secret language encoded within many of the things that we hold dear, but hold dear without any thought as to what we are actually holding on to or more specifically not knowing the real deeper meanings.

So let me detail just a few things that just one of many significant numbers relates to, in this case the number 33. There are of course a number of others that I could have chosen!


Well to start off (0r lift off) the launch pad for NASA is launch pad 33.

Then we have 33 degrees of freemasonry and Jesus dying aged 33, and 33 vertebrates of the human spine (Jacobs Ladder) and so on…

The 33rd vertebrae of the human spine is known as Atlas because it holds up the head/mind and relates to consciousness and this is the whole foundations of the ‘Atlantis’ myth, which I am currently writing an e-book on.

When we see Atlas he is usually holding up what we are told is the world, but in reality it is the head/mind that he is holding aloft which signifies consciousness (Alt = Altitude/to lift up)…

So let’s start with why we have 33 degree’s of freemasonry. The number 33 is the frequency of Christ Consciousness (hence why the bible tells us that Jesus died aged 33, it is a numerical significance).

33 hertz is also the frequency that synchronizes Sacred Geometry (hence the G on Masonic emblems), Geometry of Divinity = God!

When we end a prayer and say Amen, we are really referring to the number 33 and here’s how: It is the numerical value of the letters of the word itself: A =1/M = 13/E = 5/N = 14 = 33.

Even the famous Church IHS symbol has 32 Sun rays plus Jesus in the center to give us the number 33.

33 is a power number 11+11+11 and it is used secretly in many places right in front of our faces, but we never see it…

Hopefully now you will…



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