Why Facemasks?

Why Facemasks?

Each is part of this game is an elaborate stage play (occult ritual) designed to symbolically initiate the people of this world into their new positions in a new global order…

The wearing of the mask over your mouth is a token of submission. The wearing of the mask is simply part of the initiation ritual used to visually and psychologically signal your consent to this new arrangement. By wearing the mask, you’re signaling your consent to accept a new and very different position in a new global order.

When you obediently put the mask over your mouth, you’re symbolically saying to the ritualists, I admit my words no longer have any purpose or relevance in this life. My sole purpose now is obedience to your words and commands.

And by placing the mask on your face, you’re becoming their unwitting faithful servant. You’re being ritually initiated into the new order. You may not realize it, but in occult magic, the victim doesn’t have to be knowledgeable of the meaning behind what he or she is being told to do. The performance of the ritual itself – on demand — is all that matters.

The gloves that will be mandatory soon is the necessity of “clean hands” as an essential pre-requisite to Initiation.

Say NO…or forever regret it…



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