Why Lot’s Wife Turned Into Salt…

Alchemy is an important process for the initiates, the inner chemical process from first spirit to the Philosophers Stone, the Gold of Alchemical Ascension. It is inner illumination and wisdom.

The word alchemy as with chemistry derives from Khem which is the name for Egypt. It was a form of inner magic used in ancient Egypt and forms the basis of the Pyramid shape.

The Pyramid shape is the three essences of alchemy, the three headed dragon, which are salt, sulphur and mercury, that form a trinity, a triangle. The Gold pyramid capstone at the top of the great pyramid indicates the completion of magnum opus, the great work…it is an alchemy term and a term also used by the kabbalah which is a corrupted version of Egyptian knowledge of self.

Merlin of King Arthur fame is also a metaphor for our inner wizardry and alchemy , the magical process of turning base metals into gold. It is Azoth, or Biblically the ‘Alpha and Omega’.

The base of the pyramid faces in the direction of the 4 cardinal points which are also the 4 corners and the 4 elements or if you are a Jehovah’s witness, the watchtower, your magazine name!

That then leads us onto universal energy that is divided into 4 frequencies, and gives us the 4 elements of the body and the cosmos.

This inner process is also spoken about in the likes of the Bible with the story of Lots wife turning into salt as she looked back at Sodom.

The destruction of the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah is really a metaphor for the lower chakras engulfed in the fire of Kundalini energy as it rises up the spine (Jacobs ladder). The lower chakras are the place of lower desires and this is why the bible tells us these lands were destroyed by fire, it is purely allegorical.

It is the divine spark within, the alchemical combustion.

But what about Lot’s wife turning into salt?

It is a metaphor for alchemy and its inner processes.

Salt in alchemy is the physical body, it is also where we get the true meaning of biblical ‘Salvation’ which derives from Sal meaning salt! Yeshua means salvation…therefore we are our own salvation.

The salt is what remains of the body after alchemical combustion, it is the corporeal (body) substance that survived the death in order to re-inaugurate into a new life, an internal resurrection.

It is part of the tria prima process of alchemy. This divine spark is lord of the body…

So next time you think of Merlin or wizardry think of your own inner alchemy, the metaphorical meaning of these characters.

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