Would You Join Me At The Famous Monuments Of The World?

I am thinking of doing a series of tours of famous sites with a group so that I can reveal what these monuments were really used for and what they really represent.

I think Stonehenge is a good place to start followed by other sites that may even include the Pyramids of Egypt and one day Easter Island and a few more.

The itinerary would be something like this:

Meet up
Visit the location
Detailed talk by me about this and other ancient sites, showing a connection between them all and also a connection to planet Mars (talk would be at a suitable location at the venue itself)
Free gift of a signed copy of my book
(Transportation if needed – but maybe meet at the location itself)

This is subject to change and I am at this stage putting it out there to see what happens…

Have a great New Year and I will update you as and when there are any developments…

Know what the ancients knew…



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