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The pattern on the landscapes all over the world but predominantly located in sacred Wiltshire in the UK that has baffled many and stirred the emotions of others.  Is it Doug and Dave’s wooden pole handy work or the work of something more advanced and complex?

When I visited Wiltshire and stood inside a newly formed crop circle I could feel a warm energy field around me, it was a cold and rainy day yet inside the circle it was warm and pleasant.

Many have eluded that these circles are an ET message for us to decipher; many have seen plasma balls of light creating them and others lay claim to creating them at night with planks of wood.

I would only need ask one question of those who make that claim, namely did you use a computer? Obviously not, in which case explain how you created the Mandelbrot set crop circle which is so mathematically complex that it can only be reproduced by the precision of a computer!

I have made a personal journey from the paranormal and supernatural to the world of science and have combined the two to get my current state of mind and universal views.  The majority of these circles are created near to the region of Stonehenge and this is for good reason, the land there is sacred and is a nexus of Earth’s leyline networks. This is why Stonehenge was built there, which I cover in my latest E-Book ‘Stonehenge – The Secret of the Monoliths’.


There is a universal supernatural force that we are still trying to discover, we know it exists but science is trying to prove it exists and fathom out how it works.

I am now going to take that blueprint and explain the crop circle phenomenon. Firstly in sacred geometry the circle is the divine shape which is relevant and the line is the sacred shape of partition which is also relevant. The Greeks called geometry ‘Music Frozen’ as it bares resemblance to musical notes an their mathematical nodes. An example of this can be found on youtube with the Chladni plates.

When we see a snowflake and its beautiful patterns we don’t often realise that this is the shape of the sound of the environment around it and that the shape of that snowflake is purely a recreation of that sound’s geomteric patterns.

The outside of the snowflake is an infinite fractal and the inside is a finite fractal in mathematical terms.

When people film and see plasma balls of light above an area which then sees a crop circle appear this is microwave energy and flash heat that causes one side of the crop to be elongated and therefore curved without damage, proving that even the greatest forces of nature can be gentle. This curvature gives us the crop circle formation using microwave energy which is a form of the universal energy electromagnetism.

If electrons are floating around freely, even for a very short amount of time, they can be shoved far away from their point of origin by the electric field. And then shoved back. And then forwards again. As they move back and forth, they crash into air molecules in the air that can knock electrons in them to higher-energy orbits. Then these electrons fall back, emitting light. That’s why you have a glowing blob of plasma over a flame or in this case a flash heat. This plasma is hotter than the rest of the air, and so it tends to rise up. This is how a microwave oven also works.

And for those who are asking how microwave electromagnetic energy can form intricate shapes out of crops then this is for you.

Panpsychism is a branch of science that recognises that all things are conscious and therefore have a quality of awareness. When consciousness meets matter; matter is altered and at this epicentre of leyline activity crop circles are being formed by consciousness altering matter and its shape in a beautiful instantaneous amplification of force at ground level.

Just like the artist conceives the idea and then manifests it onto canvass the universal energy that is yet to be understood is using sacred land as a canvass.

Until the next time

Best wishes

Michael Feeley



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