The Same Roots Of The Tree…

Over the past few years I have stated that religions are connected and have the same origins. Much of it is in astronomy and also human genetics.

I have mentioned Christianity widely as being Sun worship in astronomical terms but if there was to be an opposite faith and religion then surely that would be the Moon?  The Sun and Moon are opposites, one being the ruler of the day and the other the ruler of the night. Christianity and Islam on the face of it at least are opposites.  But what does this all mean?

When we look at other religions too such as Judaism it also has its hidden connections to Islam; they both hold the ‘Black Cube’ as sacred, albeit for different reasons. The Jews as it represents the Teffilin, the boxes that contain Jewish scriptures on their forehead and left arm and in Islam it is the shrine of Mecca.

Both are strikingly similar and this is no coincidence.  The esoteric oral teachings of Judaism is the Kabballah which gives rise to words such as Cabal.

The shrine of Mecca meaning ‘Cube’ is the house of Allah or putting it another way the ‘Kaaba Allah’ = Kabballah.

Kaaba was the place of pagan Moon worship which had a symbol of a crescent Moon and this is what we can see on every Mosque around the world.  Islam is basically pagan Moon worship and in the Egyptian afro-asiatic language Allah means ‘The Moon’. Allah is a later version of the pagan Moon god Hubal.

Pagan is simply one of a people or community observing a polytheistic religion and Polytheistic (from Greek πολυθεϊσμός, polytheismos) is the worship of or belief in multiple deities, which are usually assembled into a pantheon of gods.

Muslims plan their year by a Lunar calendar called the Hijri and have their religious fasting during the night, the domain of the Moon and in the morning they break their fast (Breakfast).

The tribe of Judah of Israel had connections to the Chaldean’s who were the rulers of Babylon and Chaldean comes from Ur Chur which means ‘Moon Worshippers’. The current Queen of England has connections to the tribe of Judah (Judah meaning Young Lion) and this is from where we get the phrase ‘Monarch’ which derives from Moon-Arch; the heavenly transit of the Moon from East to West! The Babylonians were great astronomers.

What we think of as a brand-new concept is often a regurgitation of an older system of belief, we are simply reinventing the same wheel but are calling it something else, something other than a wheel.

Other practices such as walking around the cube and wrapping the Teffilin around your arm a certain number of times have connotations too of a similar ilk. It is all connected to the same roots of the same tree. The black cube also has planet Saturn connotations too and its semitic significance but that’s for another time.

If there is one thing I have learned and been able to piece together having studied the ancient’s cultures such as Egypt and Stonehenge et al it is this.

At its deepest levels they are all telling us about ‘Spiritual Consciousness’ and how to achieve it, a message totally lost in translation due to it being enveloped by destruction and ego.

Best wishes

Michael Feeley


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