Adam & Eve

Modern science tells us that in 1917 scientist Ernest Rutherford was the first to split the atom. Well, modern day science is wrong because the Gnostic writers of the bible and other sacred texts and the builders of ancient monuments knew about genetics and the atom many thousands of years ago and they wrote it into the Book of Genesis which is really the ‘Book of Genes’. The whole Adam & Eve story is really describing human genetics, as are many biblical stories.

So what are Adam and Eve? Both words refer to human life, Adam means man and Eve means ‘Life. Both lived in the East of Eden and Eden also means life and is referring to the human body. The East of Eden is significant as it is where the right side of the brain is located, in other words the spiritual/higher consciousness side of our mind.

Adam is really the Atom and Eve is what is known as ‘Ionic Bonding’ which is splitting the atom and extracting its electron in order to make another atom. What the scriptures really said was that Eve was created from the Chatsah of Adam, which means to split into 2, whereby the electron is in equal volume to the atom therefore the electron is equal to the atom and Eve was created equal to Adam (atom).

The electron has a negative electrical charge which is why we are told that Eve was a negative influence on Adam, the atom.

The Tree of Eden is a part of the brain called the ‘Arbor Vitae’ which in Latin means ‘Tree of Life’ and it is situated within the Cerebellum, which deals with equilibrium and the Arbor Vitae is responsible for sensory awareness which is a gateway to self. The serpent of Eden is kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine (bark of the Tree of Eden) until it is activated. It then rises towards the third eye and activates our consciousness.

This knowledge is the forbidden fruit (Pineal gland/Pine fruit) and forbidden means to deny access to a place, and our esoteric brotherhoods want to deny us access to our inner wisdom. The apple is symbolic of an allegory which means that we are being told that there is a story with a hidden meaning.

So in a brief nutshell that is the Adam & Eve story, it is really human genetics, and after all we are told that ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’…exactly right!

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