Peppa Pig

Egypt is a land that has high significance in even the modern day. Secret societies and hidden brotherhoods have maintained its principle of belief and its principle systems of self ascension.

This is demonstrated within governments such as in America and the UK whereby the heart of these systems emanate from Egypt.

But this ancient system even goes into the heart of children’s books and TV, for example Frozen and Pinocchio are esoterically talking of consciousness which is the basis of Egyptian ancient life.

And believe it or not even Peppa Pig. In Egyptian astronomy each evening the serpent of darkness, Apophis, fought with Horus (Sun) and this battle caused the darkness of the night as the Sun went into the Underworld each night to rise each morning victorious on the Horizon (Horus-Risen). This is the legendary battle of George and the Dragon of English folklore.

Apophis (Set) was also known as ‘Apep’ who was not only a serpent (Dark Evil = Devil) but in the 11th Dynasty he was a boar/Pig.

The 11th Nome (Territorial division) of Egypt is topped by a Set animal,(Set animal, or sha, is a chimerical (mythical animal) beast, the totemic animal of the god Set) and the name of the main town of this Nome was Sha-shtp, which means “The pig (Set) is pacified”.

Both Set and Apophis are connected as both are the embodiment of chaos and darkness. In Egyptian mythology Set cut the God Osiris into 14 pieces and the only body part not found was his penis (the obelisk is symbolic of this – Obelisk means Baals shaft). Peppa Pig resembles a Penis!

Apep (also written PP) backwards is Pepa (Peppa) whose brother is George!

Therefore we have George and the Dragon, Apophis/Apep and Horus hidden within this famous children’s character and his family…


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