Adam Kadmon
Adam Kadmon, in certain religious circles the ‘original man’ but who and what was he?
In my latest book “It Has Served Us Well; This Myth Of Christ” it goes into detail about how figures and characters of the world religions, including Jesus, are in fact of a astronomical and genetic origin and not physical people.
This is no different with the ‘Adam Kadmon’.   The Adam Kadmon is the first manifestation of abstract space, the idea before the physical. He is embodied by the Sephirot, the Tree Of Life of the Kaballa, the 10 emanations that encircle the infinite and show how it connects to the finite. The 10 emanations being the 10 stages/levels between humanity and light, the god force. This also relates to different aspects of the human body, which again i go more into detail about in my book in the passage ‘Medical Astronomy’
We are the universe incarnate, which was the original man, the Adam Kadmon, and we are shown this in a hidden way, look beyond the surface levels of false teachings and it will be seen. 

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