Are ET’s Speaking To Us?

The universal language is mathematics and its branch sacred geometry.

Everything has a mathematical code and number sequence from which it does not deviate.

Pythagoras once proclaimed that if we wish to speak to the higher realms we must first learn mathematics. Mathematics derives from Mathema which means ‘To Know’.

To me the creator of all things is a pure mathematical mind and is indeed the divine shape the circle, whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. Infinity can be divided within the circle.

The circle is infinite spirit and spirit is the non-decaying spin of the electron which then leads us into atoms and their 3 sub-atomic particles, the real Holy Trinity!

When I stood inside a recently formed crop circle I could feel a warm energy, a static buzz of electromagnetism at ground level, an amplification intensified in one area that had caused crops to curve with possible microwave energy. The same energy that had elongated the harvest on one side so that the crop didn’t break.

It is quite apparent to anyone who possesses a thinking mind that we are not the only life form either in the universe or even planet Earth.

I have personally seen too much for me to think otherwise.

But what if these intricate shapes on the sacred landscapes are a message? There is always the argument that crop circles are man-made and undoubtedly some are just that, but how do you then explain the ‘Mandelbrot Set’ crop circle?

The Mandelbrot Set is mathematical sequence that is so complex and precise, full of infinite fractals, that it can only be recreated by computer.

Many people have also stated that they suddenly find a peculiar shape upon their bodies such as a triangle.

This is again a mathematical communication called ‘Mathematical Proof’, more specifically the ‘Therefore’ sign which is a syllogism (an instance of a form of reasoning in which a conclusion is drawn from two given or assumed propositions) meaning ‘In conclusion’, it is indicating a logical consequence.

It is the short form of the Latin QED that translates to ‘Thus it is demonstrated’ or ‘To be shown’. Quite a specific and coded mathematical language for us to decipher.

There are beings out there attempting to communicate, who are communicating and will continue to communicate.

Mathematics far surpasses the teachings of secondary education, it is a wonderful science.

Thank you for reading…

Best regards

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