My 2 Days of Talks at the ‘Phoenix Probe’ Conference in Blackpool

Well after months in preparation the event is now over for this year, the event being the Blackpool Phoenix Probe conference in the UK where I spoke on both days, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th September (2018).

On Day 1 I went into detail about an ancient code that I have discovered within the likes of the Pyramids of Egypt and around the world, many myths and legends and even the Bible all of which are not taught correctly. In fact there is a deliberate mis-truth being taught.

Day 2 saw me giving my translation of the Sumerian Annunaki scrolls whereby I challenged Zecharia Sitchen’s translation.  I was in good company with the likes of fellow speaker Mary Rodwell, a leading global UFO researcher.

Both of my talks and unique information was extremely well received by both the organizers and the audiences on both days with comments such as ‘Amazing’ and ‘Power-pact’. Even audience members who had only intended to be there on the Saturday actually purchased tickets for the Sunday purely to see my day 2 talk, such was the impression made on day 1.

I have deciphered a life changing code within much of the ancient world that the secret brotherhoods of the modern day have continued to keep as a coded concealment.

Over the 2 days that code was burst wide open and many dots were connected!

I am continuing my tour of the UK, with the hope of extending it to other country’s, bringing my informative and fascinating code breaking knowledge to many audiences and would love to see you there…

Many thanks



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