Are We All Multi-Dimensional Beings?

Are We All Multi-Dimensional Beings?

Mathematically, a dimension is the number of coordinates you need to specify a point, a longitude and latitude coordination is a two dimensional direction.

A dimension is also the amount of ways in which we can move, up and down, left to right and forwards and backwards would be three dimensional.

There are also what are called extra-dimensions which are additional space or time beyond 3+1 (3+1 equals 3 dimensions of space and 1 dimension of time) around us in space and within DNA where energy and other substances can disappear into other places in space and time.

When atoms spin anticlockwise it is evidence of extra-dimensions and the likes of the neutrino (non-matter interacting particle created by violent universal phenomenon) spins only anticlockwise! Neutrinos contain the information of the birth of the universe within them!

We live in a 4D spacetime on the surface of a small circle which is the fifth dimension. The shape of the circle is reflected in our world as an electromagnetic force.

So how does it work? Dimensions can also be comparative to your size. If I was a tight-rope walker and my reality was only that of the narrow tight-rope and I can only move forwards or backwards due to my size, then my reality would be one-dimensional.

But if I was an ant for example, although I live on the same piece of rope (rope being a reality in this example) and therefore I share the same reality and time and space as the tight-rope walker, I can move backwards and forwards and left and right, because I am small enough to be able to take on extra maneuvers. So for me the tight-rope is not one-dimensional, but in this case. my reality is two-dimensional.

Therefore multi-dimensional beings can live and exist within the same space-time and the same reality together and even have interactions with each other and have full awareness of each others presence in that particular time-space!

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