Did Democritus Discover The Atom?

In 492 BC Greek Philosophers Leucippus and Democritus hypothesized Atoms (atomos) stating that they were in constant motion and frequently colliding and that empty space existed as atoms cannot move unless there is space to do so. They also stated that atoms cannot be deleted only moved or changed.

This is of course an hypothesis confirmed by modern science. The knowledge of atoms was known well before that however as I will demonstrate in a moment! This atomic knowledge was simply encoded within a story.

Within minutes of the event termed the ‘Big Bang’ sub-atomic particles such as the proton were created, the proton is a later name for the Hydrogen Nuclei (Nucleus) and it was hydrogen that was used to create the first stars by nuclear fusion.

We too are made up of the same universal stuff and our physical bodies are the make-up of exploded stars from the Orion nebula and due to the what is known as the ‘Triple Alpha Effect’ these exploding stars create the carbon and oxygen needed for physical life on Earth…

When you look at the bible and see the first book, the book of Genesis, that is really code for the book of Genetics, therefore the writers of the bible, the likes of the pharisees, not God, knew about genes.

When you look at the Sumerian scrolls that detail an extra-terrestrial group called the Anunnaki, which dates at circa 5000 years old, it is really telling us about DNA and not as Zecharia Sitchen proclaimed, an ET race that genetically modified us into a homo-sapien slave race.

Anu, the chief god means Atom, Enki & Enlil, the sheti (snake-brothers) is the double helix system of DNA, although we are told that Crick & Watson discovered this in 1953, and Alalu, the supposed supervisor of the Earth mining expedition for gold, means wave genetics. And so on…

Wave genetics is the process of using resonant waves and certain electromagnetic waves to affect the genes in DNA. DNA begins as a waveform – pulsating waves of invisible genetic information, whose waves create microscopic gravitational forces that pull in atoms and molecules from their surrounding environment to construct DNA…

When you see the famous Anunnaki plate (the picture of this post) most believe that this is an early depiction of the solar system. It isn’t!

It is depicting the hexagram 11, heaven (Qian) and Earth (Kun), therefore those who from heaven to Earth came is ourselves! In Sanskrit Anunnaki means life from heaven or atoms from the sky…it is describing humanity…who came from elsewhere in the universe.

At the heart of every hexagram there is a nuclear hexagram and this is what is being shown!

It is showing the energy released in a nuclear fusion/fission in the nucleus of the atom.

That little unseen particle has seen it all and has the information of it all stored within its own consciousness system.



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